Fylde Anti-fracking March, Saturday 2nd May 2015


Meet 11:30am @ Lytham Windmill, Fylde, Lancashire

Northern Party Fylde MP candidate Elizabeth Clarkson is calling for all Fylde Parliamentary Candidates to join her and residents from across the Fylde to unite against fracking

A march will take place from Lytham windmill to Lytham Square on Saturday 2nd May at 11.30am where residents can come together to express their concerns about fracking.

Elizabeth says “All  candidates are concerned about the implications of fracking and I have asked all of us to unite and call for a moratorium on fracking until further investigation and public consultation has taken place. I have contacted each candidate and await their support.”

“We need to create a united Fylde against fracking and it can only be done with the public’s passion and resolve. So please do come on Saturday, bring your children, Fylde’s future belongs to them.  Let’s send a strong message to Westminster. I will still be here and ready for action after the election. We can only make a difference together.”


2 thoughts on “Fylde Anti-fracking March, Saturday 2nd May 2015

  1. Well Elizabeth Clarkson – if you want to create a “united Fylde against fracking” can I suggest you grow up a little and stop joining in with vitriolic trolling of your fellow PPC Mike Hill. It really isn’t the sort of behaviour we would expect from a prospective MP and shows you in a very bad light.


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