Increase The Peace

Flashmob For Peace in Manchester


@5:30pm, Thursday 4th June 2015

Saint Peters’ Square, Manchester

Manchester was quite rightly renown as the first city to declare itself ‘nuclear-free’. The Peace Gardens were created as part of the celebration of that action and had been an attraction to the city as part of the Peace and Social Justice Trail and part of the world-wide network of Peace Gardens.

The Manchester Peace Gardens were a sacred place for many people but like many sacred areas, the authorities paved over with a load of concrete

Now, the people are coming together for the re-instatement of the Peace Gardens as a symbol for peace, reconciliation and social justice

Bring a banner/placard with your slogan for PEACE

Friends of Manchester Peace Gardens

City Centre Peace and Justice Trail


NorthernSpringwatch #1

#NorthernSpringwatch #WeLoveTheNorth #GetUpAnd GoBirding #NatureInSalford

A selection of films representing the birds of the Northern Spring

The North of England is a veritable garden of Eden and, after huge amounts of hard work, in particular from conservation organisations, grassroots movements and volunteers, we now have a world class array of nature reserves hosting some phenomenal wildlife – the North of England is a birdwatchers paradise

Huge thanks to all the film makers for sharing these films


The majestic Golden Eagle is a symbol of the North

Golden Eagle in Cumbria

Film, Haweswater RSPB Reserve, Cumbria

Kingfisher, the king of our waterways, lakes and ponds


Whinchat, a stunning bird of the North

Avocets are energising the Norths’ nature reserves

Almost rare enough to be in the mega section, a Corncrake in Cheshire is attracting many birdwatchers, this film shows the unique call of the Corncrake

Dotterel, a species of Plover that breed on the mountains of Scotland, are a traditional Spring sight on Pendle Hill, Lancashire

Little Gulls – at Seaforth on the River Mersey – are a traditional Spring sight

Garganey is a species of duck that migrates from Africa, here a pair can be seen displaying at Carr Lane Pools, Cheshire


North American Pied-billed Grebe at Leighton Moss RSPB Reserve, Lancashire

Black-winged Pratincole at Bothal Pond, Northumberland, a presumed returning bird that toured the North-east in summer 2014, this site also hosted a Gull-billed Tern

A pair of Black-winged Stilts were seen in Cheshire, this film shows the pair that nested at the same site in 2008


Fylde Future – a film for anyone who likes a touch of politics with their wildlife films

Black-tailed Godwits at Leighton Moss

Marshside Marsh RSPB Reserve


Woolston Eyes, Cheshire, has hit the headlines this Spring for it’s birds and also the conservation issue of extreme energy mining

A Bufflehead at Woolston Eyes drew a big crowd of birdwatchers

Black-necked Grebes are the star bird at Woolston Eyes

Avocet at Woolston Eyes

The River Mersey at Woolston

An educational film about the River Mersey at Woolston


Mancunian Springwatch


The city of Salford is 60% greenspace and is getting a good reputation as a place to watch wildlife – now a new generation of ecologists and film-makers are starting to document the nature of Salford

Nature In Salford

The Natural Beauty of the Salford/Manchester Mosses

Salfords Got Talons – the raptors

Pomona on Salford Docklands

For any birders out there who are fighting the extreme energy industry, this is what it looks like when you successfully complete a campaign

Barton Moss ReUnion

And to round up this first #NorthernSpringwatch, this very interesting song was heard on Salford Docklands, perhaps a Willow Warbler with vocal skills

Interesting song at Pomona, Salford Docklands

Twitter: @MancunianBirder


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#GetUpAndAct on Saturday 30th May 2015, the Global Day Of Action For The Environment

All over the world activists are taking part in co-ordinated actions to save the planet

Global Day Of Action

Global Day Of Action – Movement

Global Day Of Action – Call For Action


Saturday 30th May 2015


On Salford Docklands, ecologists are present on-site from 4:30am

The launch of the Salford Docklands Project

Salford Docklands Project Launches With Cruise

Petition, Please Sign And Share

#GetUpAndStopFracking   #GetUpAndInvestInGreenEnergy

Pomona – An Eden Project For The North

#NorthernGreenhouse – New Vision For The North

Unite The Campaigns

A campaign has started to unite all the progressive campaigns called Unite The Campaigns

Potty Pete of Rusholme says “The Neo-liberal parties are so fookin shite that there’s that many campaigns – Save The Planet, Sort Out Climate Change, Stop TTIP, Stop The Fracking, Stop Austerity, Say No To DevoManc, Stop The Bedroom Tax, Stop HS2, Save The Whales, Save The Bees – we might aswell just have one big fookin campaign”



Display Your Palestine Flag Day, Wednesday 17th June 2015


On Wednesday 17th June 2015, wherever you are, display your PALESTINE FLAG


Event Page

Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Shadia Mansour – We Have To Change

Lowkey – Long Live Palestine

Palestine Action, Manchester/Salford Docklands, Summer 2014

Let Palestine Sing

The Unstoppable Force

The Protectors – The Unstoppable Force vs The Frackers

“This is big business” proclaims the new track from the Barton Moss Protectors

Check it out @

Back once again with the anti-fracking behaviour !! The Barton Moss Protectors showcase their rapid, yet silky smooth, production skills with another new-skool hip-hop activist classic

Featuring a rolling bassline & beats that Dr Dre would be proud of, & more video footage from Pungesti in Romania, & the Barton Moss front-line, including the disturbing & brutal arrest of Vanda Gillett & a speech from one of the Barton Moss Solidarity Sunday carnival/festival days, vocalist Peaceful Dan sets the scene on the fracking industry “This is big business with poisonous liquids”, and asks more very important questions that we should all be asking our “politicians” – “Why are they turning up with their truckloads of silica?”

The tune exposes the shadiness of the fracking industry, who are operating like fly-by-night cowboys “They came under cover of night”, “They turned up on our shores now they wanna rape the land”, “Trying to convince us this incursion ain’t sinister!”

The video shows footage of Caroline Lucas, the Green Party MP, witnessing police brutality and being arrested at Balcombe in 2013, can any politicians witness this video and honestly say they are happy with this state of affairs ?

The song provides a shaming indictment on the guilty politicians and the sleazier, more complicit elements of the media “Oh David could you look any sillier?” “The media is stupid”, illustrating the point that people are smarter these days, that information flows quicker than the mainstream media and mainstream politics can keep up with, and reflects the rise of peoples media such as livestreaming/Bambuzer, that instantly connects people with a global audience via the internet, that have come into their own on the front-line, reporting to the world outside of any mainstream media

Respect to all the independent media and livestreamers that have shone such a bright light on the fracking industry and all the associated issues

In a swift moving world, the Protectors provide another 4 minutes 10 seconds of public service announcement, with the accompaniment of some beautiful, soothing, freedom vocals from Sally Bowman, perhaps the finest female vocal since Sensers’ “Peace”

Treat yourself, buy some high quality new speakers and play this loud

“Resistance!! Resistance!!”

“If we all unite together we can do this”“

“The powers with the people & the truth is”

“This is an unstoppable force”

New Campaign Asks Peel Holdings To Divest From Fossil Fuels To Clean Energy

A new campaign has started today to encourage Peel Holdings, Salford City Council and Trafford Council to transfer from dirty industry such as fracking to clean, green energy

A petition is now online at and the petition states

“We, the people, request Peel Holdings, Salford City Council and Trafford Council join the global divestment campaign to transfer from dirty industry to clean, green energy

The global divestment campaign is getting larger and larger and on Saturday 30th May 2015 there is a Global Day Of Action, an international mobilisation of numerous groups and organisations on the problems of Climate Change

We recognise Peels’ position as pioneers of North-West business and believe that it is in the interests of corporations such as Peel who have business interests on coastal areas to limit sea-level rise

We request that Peel, Salford City Council and Trafford Council urgently review the Atlantic Gateway plans to incorporate Ecosystem Services and Climate Change into the business model

This request is made in light of the launch of the One Million Climate Jobs Now campaign, the Peoples’ Climate Marches, the recent Client Earth victory in the courts and the upcoming Paris Climate Talks of November/December 2015”

Sign the petition at

The Launch of the Salford Docklands Project

In 1894 the Manchester Ship Canal was officially opened, an ambitious project to create an inland waterway to Salford docks – the engine room of the old industrial Northern Powerhouse of the 1900’s

One hundred and twenty one years on, the Manchester Ship Canal World Heritage Group is launching the Salford Docklands Project, a social enterprise peoples’ project to encourage interest in, and promote, the wildlife, environment and heritage of Salford Docklands

Peter Hughes, Chairman of the Salford Docklands Heritage and Nature Group says “Salford people are proud of the industrial heritage of Salford Docks, and although there have been some projects that have acknowledged the dockers, such as Unlocking The Quays, many people still don’t even know that Salford Quays used to be a working docks and that the dockers gave blood, sweat and tears to this country”

The working docks closed in 1982 and in the 1980’s birdwatchers began to recognise the old docklands as a top birdwatching site with thousands of diving ducks

In recent years, a small group of naturalists have worked hard to record over 120 species of bird and over 150 species of flora, birdwatching cruises and wildlife tours have become popular, and interest in the heritage and environment has led to the formation of community groups such as the Salford Docklands Heritage and Nature Group and the Manchester Ship Canal World Heritage Group

James Walsh, one of the originators of the Manchester Ship Canal World Heritage Group says “The Salford Docklands Project is a social enterprise peoples’ project – with Salford becoming a social enterprise city and more and more people loving the heritage and wildlife of the area, now is the perfect time to launch this project”

The Salford Docklands Project Launch is on Saturday 30th May with a Birdwatching Cruise and a Heritage and Nature Tour

Tickets for the Cruise are available on this link–Birdwatching-cruise-Quays-Circular-8-00am-i96.htm

For the Heritage and Nature Tour meet at The Lowry Bridge at 10am


Salford To Become The North-Wests’ First Social Enterprise City

Birdwatchers Guide To Salford Docklands’s_ecotourism_potential.html

Salfords’ EcoTourism Potential

Pomona – An Eden Project For The North

The Big Five – Lapwing

The Big Five – Kingfisher

The Big Five – Mute Swan

The Big Five – Grey Heron

The Big Five – Cormorant

Twitchers Flocking To Salford

Twitchers Fly To Salford Quays For New Cruise’s_duck,_gary_duck_-_goldeneye_spotted_at_salford_quays.html

The Name’s Duck, Gary Duck

Woolston Protectors Are National Heroes


The Northern Spring wishes the Woolston Protectors good luck and positivity, and says that all Protectors should be regarded as NATIONAL HEROES

The Woolston Protectors are in court today, and for those of you, who are switched on with what is happening with the extreme energy industry in the UK, you should know that Woolston Community Protection Camp was set up as a result of the threat of the extreme energy industry, in this case Coal Bed Methane mining, to people and the environment, including the Woolston Eyes Nature Reserve, a huge Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) that is located just 120 metres from the IGas site!

Many scientists, including Paul Mobbs (The Ecologist), consider Coal Bed Methane Mining to be worse than the very controversial fracking process and in Australia Coal Bed Methane mining is considered so dangerous that it is BANNED within 2 miles of urban areas

The Protectors are at the site to prevent an environmental disaster occurring, to inform local people about the dangers of the extreme energy industry and to exercise their democratic right to protest

Community Protection Camps are set up around the country as a visible presence of peoples’ opposition to the extreme energy industry and to educate and inform local people about the dangers of the extreme energy industry

Local people in Warrington are exceptionally perturbed at an extreme energy site in very close proximity to a family pub with a childrens’ playground, the M6 motorway and an internationally important nature reserve

There are protectors throughout the country who are camping in fields to stop the extreme energy industry and these people are heroes who should be officially recognised as heroes

The Northern Spring has seen the Habitat Survey that the planning permission for the Woolston site is based on and have conducted a critique/review, the results are published here

Critique of Woolston Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey


In December 2009, Nexen Exploration UK Ltd published an Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey, prepared by Rob Nicholson (Wardell Armstrong Ecologist) and approved by Estelle Linney (Associate Director/Principle Ecologist) and Malcolm Watson (Regional Director)

The Survey was conducted on an area of land adjacent to the Woolston Eyes Site of Special Scientific Interest, an internationally important nature reserve

In May 2015 James Walsh (B Sc University of Salford) of the Manchester Ship Canal World Heritage Group conducted a review/critique of the Survey and found a number of mistakes and inconsistencies


The report includes contradictory statements regarding the distance of the extreme energy site to the Woolston Eyes SSSI

In 2.2.2 the report states “The survey was conducted by two suitably qualified ecologists” although it does not state what “suitably qualified” actually means

In 3.2.1. the report states “Woolston Eyes SSSI is located approximately 120 metres to the south of the site”

However, in the Conclusion/Recommendations 6.1.1. the report states “Woolston Eyes SSSI is located approximately 1.2km south of the site” contradicting the earlier statement of 3.2.1. and therefore strongly calling into question the validity of the surveys’ conclusions

Obviously, there is a big difference as to the effects on the environment whether an extreme energy site is located within 120 metres or 1.2 kilometres

The report also gives no valid reasons as to why the operations WOULD NOT affect the environment or wildlife, this assertion is not backed up with any evidence at all

The survey was conducted in 2009 and subsequently huge amounts of scientific evidence have been produced to prove the harmful effects of the extreme energy industry and in 2011 the Queensland (Australia) government banned exploration for Coal Bed Methane in and around urban areas, with State premier Anna Bligh stating “no exploration would be allowed within a 2 kilometre buffer of centres with a population of 1000 or more”

6.1.3. states “Due to records of Otter and Water Vole within 2km of the site it would be advisable to maintain a 30 metre stand off from the banks of the River Mersey” however, previous study of IGas operations at Barton Moss has shown that IGas do not respect or maintain the “Water Vole buffer zone”

6.1.4 states “A summary of recommended further ecological surveys is given in Table 11” although we have no evidence to suggest that further ecological surveys have been conducted

6.1.5 states “It is not anticipated that any other ecological issues would constitute a constraint to the proposed development” but there is no evidence whatsoever to back this claim up

6.1.6. We require evidence that a further survey was conducted in June 2010 as the report states

We are also currently, May 2015, in the bird breeding season (March-August) so Table 11 says that a Breeding Bird Survey (BBS) MUST be conducted if work is to take place during the breeding bird season so we require evidence that this has taken place


All bat species are protected by European and listed on Appendix III of the Bern Convention, Appendix II of the Bonn Convention and Annex IV of the Habitats Directive (1992) They are also protected in England under Schedule 2 of the Conservation (Natural Habitats etc) Regulations 1994 and Schedule 5 & 6 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981

As such they are a material consideration in determining planning applications

The 2009 survey states that Daubentons Bat were recorded within 2km of the site on rECOrd

The 2007 Woolston Bat Survey detailed here also confirms the presence of Daubentons Bat

Daubentons Bat is a National Priority Species and is reliant on waterways such as the River Mersey to feed

All bats in Britain are protected under Schedule 5 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and are also protected by the Conservation Regulations of 1994


Since the 2009 survey was conducted Otter sightings have become more frequent with sightings along the River Mersey within metres of the IGas CBM Extreme Energy site and on the Woolston Eyes Nature Reserve suggesting that this species is re-colonising the area

Otters are strictly protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (as amended) and by the EC Habitats Directive, (transposed into domestic law through the Conservation (Natural Habitats &c) Regulations 1994 (as amended) (the Habitats Regulations). Under the Habitats Regulations otters are classed as a European protected species and therefore given the highest level of protection. The deliberate capturing, disturbing, injuring or killing of an otter is prohibited, as is damaging or destroying a breeding site or resting place (for example an otter holt). Legal protection does require that due attention is paid to the presence of otters and that appropriate actions are taken to safeguard the places they use for shelter or protection or breeding.


Woolston Eyes SSSI is home to many rare and protected species, such as the Black-necked Grebe and during casual ecological surveys of the adjacent grassland site, Barn Owl, a Schedule 1 species was found to be present


The report states “it is not considered that works within the development site will have a direct impact upon the SSSI or species that use it” however, there is no evidence to back this statement up

CBM uses underground drilling techniques and can lead to fracking, so there is a substantial chance that IGas, if the drilling process is not prevented from going ahead, is going to be drilling directly under a SSSI

The 2009 Ecology Report contains mistakes and inconsistencies, and since the survey large amounts of new information have come to light regarding rare wildlife species being seen in close proximity to the site, and also regarding the huge amounts of environmental damage that the extreme energy industry, including Coal Bed Methane, causes

Globally, business people are turning away from the environmentally damaging fossil fuel industry and moving money (a process called divestment) to renewable energy and green industry

This case is not just about one site it is about the future and what sort of future we want to create, whether we want to carry on with dirty industry or whether we want a clean and green future

Solidarity Sunday 17th May, Crawberry Hill, Yorkshire

On Solidarity Sunday the 17th May 2015, the people of East Yorkshire are celebrating a year of effective Community Protection at Crawberry Hill

For a year the local community – with supporters from all over the country – has stood up to the fracking industry – in this case, Rathlin Energy – and said a firm NO to dirty fracking!

Celebrate this occasion and raise a cup of Solidari-tea to the Protectors, who have battled through some very adverse conditions, on Sunday 17th May from midday


Crawberry Hill Films