Northern Partys’ James Walsh Shares Vision

James Walsh, a qualified EcoTourism expert and Ecologist, is standing for the Northern Party in Blackpool North and Cleveleys

It is time for real progress and the politics of hope, change and co-operation

There is a global evolution happening, the human race is working to build a sustainable future

Here in the North, we are experiencing a peoples’ common sense revolution as civil society moves forward and more people become engaged with political action

Science is ever more innovative, and we now have Ecosystem services and scientific models such as Zero Carbon Britain

As a proud Lancastrian it is my honour to have been selected to stand to represent the people of Blackpool North and Cleveleys

Like many Mancunians, I have strong heritage links to Blackpool, the Salford dockers often chose this area for educational and recreational purposes, and I have spent many happy family holidays at places such as the world famous Cala Gran in Fleetwood

I am exceptionally impressed at Fylde projects such as the Solaris Centres and Rossall Point Observation Tower, and to be honest, I have fallen in love with the place

I have around 30 years of experience researching the ecology of Lancashire and I have some wonderful colleagues at organisations such as the Lancashire Wildlife Trust, Fylde Bird Club and Frack Free Lancashire


As a long-term Frack Free Lancashire supporter I recognise the difficulties that the electorate is having with this dirty industry

Publications such as the Mortgage Finance Gazette and Daily Telegraph are publishing findings from research of estate agents that make troubling reading for all property owners that have the threat of fracking in the area

Many professional people are saying that the rapid collapse of the fossil fuel industry, especially the North American fracking industry, makes it financially riskier to start up what many are saying is a toxic industry

I offer advice to all property owners, look at the Infrastructure Bill and do your own fracking research

Frack Free Lancashire are suggesting and demanding that the colleges that are being built for the fracking industry are used for other purposes such as Sustainable Future Education


Nature education offers a positive learning experience and skills for life, and here in Lancashire, UCLAN offers some superb EcoTourism courses and we need to be providing jobs for people who qualify here

I have been watching the financial markets and the green economy, and listening to prominent figures and it is my opinion that the green economy is worth much more than the figures that can be thrown around by the rapidly failing fracking industry

Official figures say that the UK green economy is estimated to be worth £120 billion per year and provides around one million jobs, but, in reality, the environment provides all our jobs and it is time for a health and safety check of the environment and a full Ecosystem Services audit so that the public can see a quantification of how much the environment is worth to us


My years of research of Lancashire, and in particular, The Fylde has provided inspiration for a new vision of the North, the Northern Greenhouse

There is a green revolution happening and The Fylde can be at the forefront


Blackpools’ motto is Progress and with this mind-set I believe we can have progressive politics on The Fylde, improve standards, create the jobs of the 21st century, build a Northern Greenhouse and take our place on the global stage

Together, let’s bring the good times to The North


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