Report, Fylde Frack Free Lancashire March, 2nd May 2015

Frack Free Lancashire is a grass-roots peoples’ movement and is world famous for flamboyant, energetic and creative actions

On Saturday 2nd May 2015, local residents of The Fylde joined with representatives from the new Northern Party and the Green Party to show their support and desire for a better future

All Parliamentary candidates were invited, but just two, Elizabeth Clarkson (Northern Party) and Bob Dennett (Green Party) were present at the event

Protesters marched from the windmill on Lytham Green to Lytham Square to express their opposition to the prospect of fracking in the area

Organiser of the event, Elizabeth Clarkson says: “It was very positive to see people from the Fylde making the effort to come together to express their concerns about fracking.

“Fracking is one of the biggest election issues in the area and I know that many people are extremely worried about its potential risks. Just like all of the residents who turned up today I want to be assured that my grandchildren will grow up in a safe environment.”


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