FYLDE FUTURE – A New Vision For The Fylde

Northern Party Candidates Share Vision Of Bright Future For The Fylde

Northern Party Candidate MP’s James Walsh (Blackpool North and Cleveleys) and Elizabeth Clarkson (Fylde) have today released to the media a vision entitled FYLDE FUTURE

James Walsh, a qualified Ecologist and EcoTourism expert says:

“Although I have a strong political background I actually got into politics to stop fracking as I have done two years of in-depth research on the fracking industry and I know that it is not the way forward. It is a fossil fuel, the global fracking industry is in terminal decline and divestment – investors moving money from the fossil fuel industry into green industry – is happening at a very quick rate.

“With this in mind, I have been working putting together a vision for a 21st century North England entitled The Northern Greenhouse – a clean, green, prosperous North.

“I have been working hard with my Northern Party colleague, Elizabeth Clarkson, on the Fylde part of the vision entitled FYLDE FUTURE”

Elizabeth says: “I have been involved in politics for 24 years but this is the first time I have played a role in the birth of a new party with progressive ideas about our environment and the future we want to strive for.

“We are both passionate about securing a positive, sustainable future for the Fylde and that means saying a firm no to fracking. As a born and bred Northern woman I fear my lovely Lancashire is in danger of being brutalised by fracking.”

“The FYLDE FUTURE vision is based around Renewable Energy, Sustainable Agriculture and EcoTourism – it aims to provide solutions to protect our landscape, our health, our property values and protect the future of the Fylde for future generations to come”





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