Northern Party Candidate MP wishes all colleagues good luck and positivity for the General Election and Local Elections

The world is changing very quickly, we can look to the global green movement, Syriza, Podemos and South America for examples of this and it is obvious that the UK needs a new direction

In the UK, we have had 5 years of an unpopular ConDem government but during this time of adversity, love and humanity have shone through, our struggles have made us appreciate what we have got and what we can be in the future

I feel that a new, progressive society is forming in the UK, as engagement with politics and political action is on the increase

The “old politics” and corporate media are being rejected and replaced, the internet gives us the freedom to research and find solutions, and social media gives us the resources to communicate

On the campaign trail I have met many inspirational people, activists and campaigners doing self-less acts such as camping in fields during the cold winters to make sure that we in the UK do not have to face the same fracking problems as the people of USA and Australia

I know that there are many candidates out there, people with good hearts who want to represent the people, who are working hard for the good of humanity and a sustainable future for our planet and future generations

I wish all my colleagues good luck and positivity for the General Election and local elections, and that we get a positive result for all the people

James Walsh

Northern Party Candidate MP for Blackpool North and Cleveleys


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