Power To The People

The name of this site, The Northern Spring, sums up, characterises, reports on and comments on the flourishing Northern Renaissance in politics

Researchers at The Northern Spring have consistently heard people say that, although, some of the election campaign has not been exactly riveting, it is one of the most interesting elections, perhaps, ever

Compared with a staid, white, pale and male election in 2010 this General Election is ground-breaking with new progressive forces making their presence felt on the political scene

Interest in politics was given a big kick-start in 2014 with the Scottish Referendum campaign where a Scottish political revolution began that has culminated in the rise of Nicola Sturgeon and the Scottish Nationalist Party

The Green Partys’ #greensurge has captured the general publics’ imagination, Plaid Cymru seem to be growing in popularity, Trade Union and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) and Left Unity are growing in support, newcomers to the scene The Reality Party and Pirate Party are shaking things up, and regional parties such as the Northern Party, the North East Party, and Yorkshire First are representing their people

The Labour Party has had a smooth campaign and the Green Party and the Reality Party have both called for a peaceful revolution

Let us celebrate every positive result for progressive candidates



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