The Unstoppable Force

The Protectors – The Unstoppable Force vs The Frackers

“This is big business” proclaims the new track from the Barton Moss Protectors

Check it out @

Back once again with the anti-fracking behaviour !! The Barton Moss Protectors showcase their rapid, yet silky smooth, production skills with another new-skool hip-hop activist classic

Featuring a rolling bassline & beats that Dr Dre would be proud of, & more video footage from Pungesti in Romania, & the Barton Moss front-line, including the disturbing & brutal arrest of Vanda Gillett & a speech from one of the Barton Moss Solidarity Sunday carnival/festival days, vocalist Peaceful Dan sets the scene on the fracking industry “This is big business with poisonous liquids”, and asks more very important questions that we should all be asking our “politicians” – “Why are they turning up with their truckloads of silica?”

The tune exposes the shadiness of the fracking industry, who are operating like fly-by-night cowboys “They came under cover of night”, “They turned up on our shores now they wanna rape the land”, “Trying to convince us this incursion ain’t sinister!”

The video shows footage of Caroline Lucas, the Green Party MP, witnessing police brutality and being arrested at Balcombe in 2013, can any politicians witness this video and honestly say they are happy with this state of affairs ?

The song provides a shaming indictment on the guilty politicians and the sleazier, more complicit elements of the media “Oh David could you look any sillier?” “The media is stupid”, illustrating the point that people are smarter these days, that information flows quicker than the mainstream media and mainstream politics can keep up with, and reflects the rise of peoples media such as livestreaming/Bambuzer, that instantly connects people with a global audience via the internet, that have come into their own on the front-line, reporting to the world outside of any mainstream media

Respect to all the independent media and livestreamers that have shone such a bright light on the fracking industry and all the associated issues

In a swift moving world, the Protectors provide another 4 minutes 10 seconds of public service announcement, with the accompaniment of some beautiful, soothing, freedom vocals from Sally Bowman, perhaps the finest female vocal since Sensers’ “Peace”

Treat yourself, buy some high quality new speakers and play this loud

“Resistance!! Resistance!!”

“If we all unite together we can do this”“

“The powers with the people & the truth is”

“This is an unstoppable force”


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