James Walsh Speech at Lancashire County Council, Tuesday 23rd June 2015

From Tuesday 23rd June to Monday 29th June 2015 a Lancashire County Council Planning Committee meeting took place in Preston to decide whether to allow fracking at 2 Fylde sites, here is one of the speeches given to the Lancashire Planning Committee:

My name is James Walsh, I’m a proud Lancastrian, at the General Election I stood to represent the North, and I would like to thank Lancashire County Council for inviting me to speak at this very important event

My family have all served this country faithfully, and I am here today to stand up for my country, to say NO MORE destruction of our land! A current buzz phrase is “Speak Up For What You Love” and I am here to Speak Up For What I Love, the Lancashire people and the Lancashire environment

The Fylde is a beautiful place full of amazing wildlife such as huge flocks of Pink-footed Geese, and we need to keep our environment as clean as possible

I’m a qualified ecologist at the University of Salford, I have conducted 2 years of scientific research on the fracking industry and I am currently looking at Green Economics and writing a Critique, Appraisal and Enhancement of the Northern Powerhouse

The scientific case says NO Fracking, the financial case says NO FRACKING, the moral case says NO Fracking, The Pope says NO FRACKING, common sense says NO Fracking, the political case says NO Fracking and, most importantly of all, the people of Lancashire say NO Fracking, therefore, the fracking industry has NO SOCIAL LICENSE – The People Say No Fracking In Lancashire, No Fracking Anywhere

And the economic case for fracking is growing weaker every day, Mark Carney, Head of the Bank of England, says that “the vast majority of fossil fuel reserves are un-burnable if global temperature rises are to be limited to below 2 degrees Celsius, therefore avoiding catastrophic climate change”

World Oil Magazine stated on 19th June that the US Fracking Industry is in debt $235 billion dollars, can we really afford to bring such a risky, dirty and economically non-sensical industry to Lancashire ? NO

Graham Brady, Chairman of the Conservative Party 1922 Committee, states that “the falling oil price may make fracking uneconomic in many places”

David Cameron has promised to lead the Greenest Government Ever, therefore, fracking should not be permitted to happen in the UK and Andy Burnham, a Northern lad, has called for a fracking moratorium

The Mercer Research Report, recently reported on Bloomberg, states “There are two types of business people, future takers, like the fracking industry who take resources from future generations, and future makers, who have sound ecology built into their business model” We need Lancashire to be the future makers

The business world is moving at an incredible pace towards the green economy and de-carbonisation of the global economy and we have to keep pace

I have credentials as a top authority in UK birdwatching, I am a qualified Eco-Tourism expert and I have researched the environment on a global level

Having recently qualified from University, I am looking to start a business that can provide the jobs of the future

With my qualifications I could start up an environmental business almost anywhere, but my first choice is Lancashire, however, I would not be prepared to start a business in an area that is subjected to fracking

We are literally wasting our time on fracking, and we need to build not a Northern Powerhouse, but a NORTHERN GREENHOUSE

The motto of Blackpool is Progress and it is time for real Progress and making Blackpool a green city

I wish to take this opportunity to invite Lancashire County Council, the North West Energy Task Force and Cuadrilla to join the global divestment movement

We have the Global Paris Climate Talks just five months ahead in November 2015 and we need to show real leadership on the environment

It was said that the banks were too big to fail, in my opinion the planet is too big to fail

We need to build a modern vision for The Fylde, a long-term plan, starting with a common sense decision saying NO to fracking

Members of the committee, I urge you to take on board the words of The Popes’ new encyclical “On The Care Of Our Common Home, The Earth” Pope Francis demands swift action to save the planet from environmental ruin

I wish to make you aware that you hold the hopes of the people, and the fortunes of future generations, in your vote, and ask you to think about what you are going to tell your grand-children about how you voted

Try to look into the future on how your decision is going to affect the people of Lancashire, and the wider world

I urge you to vote with your conscience and vote with your heart and say NO to fracking and YES to a clean and green future


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