Lancashire Green Gathering, Saturday 11th July 2015

#OhLancashireIsWonderful #LoveLancashire #WeAreAllLancashire #RealLancashire #BanFrackingNow

A special afternoon of Lancastrian fun, Lancashire cakes, SolidariTEA and lemonade on Lytham Green

Lancastrians and supporters are gathering for a solidarity picnic at the iconic Lytham Windmill, a big symbol of one of Lancashires’ original renewable energy industries

From midday on Saturday 11th July, people are gathering to celebrate a historic decision, that saw Lancashire politicians say NO to fracking, and to look forward to the future


Greenpeace Energy Desk: Climate Change Is At The Heart Of The UK Anti-Fracking Movement

Financial Times, UK Fracking Boom Hits Northern Set-back, June 29th 2015

Financial Times, Cuadrilla Fracking Application Rejected By Lancashire Councillors, June 25th 2015

Barton Moss Re-Union


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