Salford’s Buzzin’

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Sightings of a rare Meadow Grasshopper and a Humming-bird Hawk Moth in Salford have made local and national headlines

Salford is getting a decent reputation for wildlife and countryside as more people discover sites such as the Salford Mosses, the River Irwell, the Salford Docklands, Kersal Moor, Buile Hill Park and the Country Parks

Promotion of Salfords’ greenspaces has been given a welcome boost with photos of a stunning female Meadow Grasshopper making the Daily Mirror and the Belfast Telegraph

Just as news of this remarkable find hit the national media, another big insect find was made – a Hummingbird Hawkmoth at the new Salford Meadows Nature Reserve

One of the stars of the Salford insect scene is the Tawny Mining Bee, a bee that nests underground, and can be found at sites such as Kersal Moor and Buile Hill Park

Salford has also recently had it’s first record of the White-letter Hairstreak Butterfly

The Salford Mosses are an insect watchers paradise, especially for dragonfly and damselfly enthusiasts, and there are still hopes that the Manchester Argus (Large Heath) Butterfly can re-colonise, or be re-introduced, to this area


Daily Mirror, Rare Pink Grasshopper

BT News, Pink Grasshopper Seen In Salford

Belfast Telegraph, Pink Grasshopper Seen In Salford

MEN, Incredible Rare Pink Grasshopper Spotted In Salford

SalfordOnline, Hummingbird Hawkmoth Arrives In Salford From Africa

Manchester Argus (Large Heath) Butterfly

White-letter Hairstreak Butterfly


Chat Moss – Home To An Enormous Variety Of Wildlife

Salford Mosses – Open For People And Wildlife


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