Press Release: Heritage Group says NO MORE Heritage/Environmental Destruction!

#LovePomona #MSCWorldHeritage #SavePomona

“The Manchester Ship Canal World Heritage Group have today called for all the Councils, businesses and authorities that cover the area of Salford Docklands and the Manchester Ship Canal to commit to not destroy any more of OUR heritage

The Manchester Ship Canal area should be an official World Heritage site for it’s heritage and environmental value

Along the Canal, we have over 120 years of heritage, and the length of the Manchester Ship Canal is full of amazing environmental sites such as Woolston Eyes, Frodsham Marsh, Moore Nature Reserve and Pomona Docks, and the canal itself is a huge wildlife corridor

The building of Media City destroyed a large area of wildlife habitat on North Wharf and then in November 2013 Salford Council, aided and abetted by Eric Pickles and Don Foster, destroyed the last remaining docks cranes, a big symbol of Salford Docks – this was done despite the fact that all relevant paperwork was submitted to Salford City Council to take the cranes to public ownership in the form of a Heritage Preservation Order

During the winter of 2013/14 the people of Salford were forced to suffer as the fracking industry attempted to violently force its way onto the Salford Mosses – a site of very high ecological and heritage importance

This year, protectors have moved onto a site adjacent to Woolston Eyes to stop extreme energy in the form of Coal Bed Methane mining from happening

With news of Trafford Council and Peels’ planned eco-cide for Pomona Docks, an area of high ecological and heritage importance, now is the time to say NO MORE destruction of our heritage and environment

It is time for all authorities and businesses along the Manchester Ship Canal to recognise the true importance of the heritage and environment of this globally important area

It is time for a radical new, green and respectful approach to the Manchester Ship Canal and Salford Docklands”


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