Who is the mysterious Pomona ?

Pomona – The Mythical Goddess of Fruitful Abundance

The area that was formerly Pomona Docks, located at the junction of Salford, Manchester and Trafford has captured the publics’ imagination and has hit the headlines during recent weeks as a site for nature

That’s Manchester, MEN, BBC Radio Manchester, Manchester Confidential, Manchester Mule, Skyliner and The Northern Spring have all been covering the story of the (badly) planned development for this site, and the subsequent campaign to bring democracy and the thoughts and plans of the people into the planning process

Pomona is a very interesting name that sounds similar to the French name for apple, Pomme

One can speculate as to why the area became known as Pomona, a Roman Goddess always associated with the earth, fruit, agriculture and abundance






Perhaps you have your own Pomona story, or information or thoughts on the origins of the Pomona Docks area

If you have, please email: mancunianspring@yahoo.com


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