Heritage Group Requests Public Enquiry On Pomona

Photo: The rare Little Ringed Plover is one of a number of rare species that live, or have been recorded on Pomona, the largest area of remaining greenspace in the Manchester city area

The Manchester Ship Canal World Heritage Group, a growing group of wildlife and heritage experts and enthusiasts who are campaigning for the Manchester Ship Canal to be an official World Heritage site, have today called on the relevant Councils to host a Public Enquiry on Pomona, the Manchester city areas’ biggest greenspace and wildlife area

“The whole complaint/comment process so far has been a sham, people have only been given a matter of days to make their comments and representations and there is confusion over when we can submit these to as the Trafford Council website says 5th August, yet a notice on-site says 13th August!!”

“People in Salford, Manchester and Trafford are getting fed up of seeing heritage and the environment being destroyed when heritage makes us what we are, and the environment is vital for us to survive! We have to start drawing lines and saying NO MORE heritage and environmental destruction, let’s respect our heritage and conserve, respect, enhance and promote our environment, especially as Manchester is now the European City Of Science”

“We believe that there is sufficient public interest for a public enquiry. When Sinclairs wanted to carry on extracting peat on the Salford Mosses, there was a public enquiry because there was sufficient public interest and it was a big environmental issue, there was no public enquiry before the fracking industry rocked up on Barton Moss and that turned out to be an unmitigated disaster. Over one thousand people have signed a petition to say Save Pomona and 70 people were at a Save Pomona event on Saturday 1st August in an event that was rain-affected and volunteer organised in just 4 days, illustrating the strength of public feeling”

“The Manchester Ship Canal World Heritage Group, and partner organisation Salford Docklands Heritage and Nature Group, have been recording wildlife at the site for 8 years now and species found to be living at the site, or have been recorded on-site include

  • Bee Orchids, Little Ringed Plover, Kingfisher, Otter, Peregrine, Water Vole, Pintail, Mediterranean Gull, Marsh Orchids, Pochard, Red-crested Pochard, Scaup, Pink-footed Goose, Reed Bunting, Roe Deer, Skylark and Lapwing
  • It is also a breeding/feeding site for many declining UK Biodiversity Action Plan Species such as Song Thrush, House Sparrow, Dunnock and Starling
  • Summer migrants breed on-site after arriving from Africa, such as the big colony of Sand Martins, colonial nesters that nest in the old dock walls
  • It is a very important feeding habitat with bees, with hundreds of bees of several different species present on-site in the Spring and Summer
  • It is a very important site for migrating birds during the Autumn with thousands of migrant passerine birds migrating through the site, especially in September and October, and many of these use the site as a feeding area on their migration, eating fruit such as blackberries
  • We have recorded over 150 species of flora, including 33 Site of Biological Importance species, and Heather has just been found on-site, an amazing site in such an urban environment”

“We believe that Councils should start proving that they want the Manchester area to be a Green and Sustainable City rather than just making speeches about it, it is time for the Councils to put their money where there mouth is”

Save Pomona Gathering Interview, 1st August 2015 – thanks to Jamie Starboisky for recording and publishing

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