Comments On Pomona Peel Plans Can Now Be Sent In Up To 13th August – Pomona Day

#LovePomona  #SavePomona  #ScienceAsRevolution  #PomonaDay

In an ironic twist, and after some initial confusion from Trafford Council Planning Department, comments on, and objections to, the Peel plans for Pomona can now be sent to Trafford Council up to the 13th August – POMONA DAY!!

Peel and Rowlinson have plans to build a set of flats that would look dodgy even on the set of Eldorado on the wildlife haven for Pomona, that has biodiversity levels of Site of Biological Importance standard

Initially, the Trafford Council Planning Department website had said that objections and comments were to be in for Wednesday 5th August, but that has now changed to Thursday 13th August

The 13th August is the traditional day to celebrate Pomona, the Goddess associated with fruits, gardens, agriculture and abundance

Ecologists are on-site all day on Thursday 13th August to spot and record wildlife

To make a comment/objection, please see this document

Please try to keep objections and comments as technical as possible, such as

Pomona fulfills the criteria of a Grade B Site of Biological Importance

Pomona fulfills Village Green Status

Pomona is home to a number of rare and protected species such as

Little Ringed Plover, Kingfisher, Otter, Water Vole, Bee Orchid, Sand Martin, Lapwing, Skylark

Pomona hosts at least 33 species of flora Site of Biological Importance species

To make a comment/objection please contact Trafford Council quoting the reference 85822/FUL/15.


Write to:

Planning and Building Control

PO Box 96

Waterside House

Sale Waterside

Tatton Road


M33 7ZF


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