Pomona – In It To Win It

#InItToWinIt #SavePomona #LovePomona

The Manchester Ship Canal World Heritage Group has today issued a statement to say Thank You to everyone who has got onboard the Save Pomona campaign

“We are in it to win it, the positive contributions from the people of the Manchester area has shown the peoples’ love for Pomona and the support we have got from the likes of Natalie Bennett shows that Pomona is a national conservation issue that everyone who loves wildlife should support”

“Salford Docks closed in 1982 and subsequently the area became breeding habitat for rare Little Ringed Plovers, Skylarks, Lapwings and Ringed Plover, however as the area was transformed into the Salford Quays concrete jungle all theses species lost breeding habitat and now Pomona is the only real breeding habitat remaining for the Schedule 1 species Little Ringed Plover”

“The most recent habitat loss was Middlewood Locks where Little Ringed Plovers, Lapwings and Ringed Plovers bred, and before that the building of Media City destroyed habitat where all 3 species of Plover and Skylarks bred so this makes Pomona even more important as the last remaining big wildlife habitat in a fragmented urban landscape, especially as no businesses have put into practise green roofs, despite the planning advice of ecologists”

Two events are being planned to raise the profile of Pomona – Pomona Day on Thursday 11th August and Pomona Festival on Saturday 13th August, more details soon

The chairman of the Manchester Ship Canal World Heritage Group says “We are in it to win it, Pomona needs to be saved for our wildlife and future generations of Mancunians who deserve the right to hear the unique sight of Little Ringed Plover chicks and the unique sound of Skylarks singing in our fair city”


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