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The Northern Spring has taken our time before commenting upon the Labour leadership election to give a fair and balanced view, but it is fair to say that just one candidate has shone a light on the leadership election, Jeremy Corbyn

The Labour Party seems to be re-finding, and re-gaining it’s soul, and on all the big issues, the environment, TTIP, austerity, welfare, equality and fracking, Corbyn has won the debate, with thousands of people signing up to the Labour Party to vote for JC

Corbyn-mania has taken over the country, with venues overflowing with people, and Jeremy Corbyn having to give speeches on the street to people who can’t get into venues because they are too packed!

Jeremy Corbyn is a statesman and makes Cameron, Osborne, Burnham, Cooper and Kendall look like college students on work experience! The UK has given way too much power to “wet behind the ears” middle-aged politicians with little real life experience, and people are looking to an elder politician in Corbyn who has vast experience, knowledge and a wealth of quality political colleagues

People have moved on from “New Labour” and “Cool Britannia”, and more recently, “Blue Labour” and “Cruel Britannia”, and are looking for a new and fresh direction

Liverpool Labour Party sing The Internationale

Jeremy Corbyn speech at Durham Miners Gala, July 2015

Film, What Are Your Three Reasons For Voting For Jeremy Corbyn

The Guardian, Corbyn Campaign Has Captured Anti-Austerity Mood

Jez We Can!

Critics who say that Corbyn is a “throwback to the 80’s” are probably throwbacks to the 80’s themselves!! It is a very weak argument that does not recognise that UK politics has changed with the rise of the SNP, Green Party, Plaid Cymru, Left Unity and TUSC, and the presence of more regional parties such as the Northern Party, the North-East Party and Mebyon Kernow

The increase in multi-party politics suggests that Corbyn is the unity candidate, and would be able to work with parties such as the SNP and Green Party in a much more productive manner

The Scotsman, Jeremy Corbyn Would Make Pact With SNP

Labour Needs To Learn From Syriza, Podemos and SNP


You might expect the Northern Spring, a news channel about the North, to pick a Northern lad – Andy Burnham, but Corbyn has made some of the most astute observations on the North, and Team Corbyns’ paper Northern Future is a first step to creating a fairer, prosperous and more sustainable North

However, the paper Northern Future talks about the “re-industrialising of the North” and this statement does seem one that requires clarification and challenging

Corbyn Launches Northern Future

The Northern Future Paper

The Northern Echo Article


The Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership is a very important proposed trade deal that many politicians prefer not to talk about, but Corbyn has the firmest stance on TTIP

Jeremy Corbyn Speaks Against TTIP

Jeremy Corbyn Questions On TTIP

Labour MPs speak out against TTIP


Jeremy Corbyn is the only candidate who has called for a Fracking Ban, and is therefore the only candidate to have connected the red rose of Labour with the red rose of Frack Free Lancashire


ITV, Jeremy Corbyns’ Alternative To Austerity Full Speech In Norwich

Jeremy Corbyn Gives Speech From The Top Of A Fire Engine As Rally Spills Out Into The Street

BBC, Jeremy Corbyn Backs Greater Public Ownership For Labour

Sky News, What Happens If Jeremy Corbyn Wins


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