True Labour

#TrueLabour #Corbyn4Leader #JezWeCan

The Northern Springs’ coverage of the Labour leadership

Jeremy Corbyn speaks to tens of thousands of people in London at End Austerity Now, June 2015

Jeremy Corbyn In Middlesborough (part 1)

Jeremy Corbyn In Middlesborough (part 2 Q & A)–bybGnUiV24l

One Of The Reasons Jeremy Corbyn Is Doing So Well – People Think He Is Admirable–ZkvW1leTEl

Here Are 16 Reasons To Vote For Corbyn

35 Economists Support Corbyns’ Policies As Sensible

View story at


The New Statesman, As Labour Leader, How I Will Unify MPs And Rebuild The Party–byCuM7TuEg

What Labour Would Actually Look Like Under Jeremy Corbyn

The Guardian, Labour Should Enjoy Excitement About Leadership Campaign

Cambridge Academics Support Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn Message To Labour MPs


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