The Geek Shall Inherit The City

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Author: James Walsh
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Manchester European City of Science (MecoS) continues to evolve organically under the slogan “Science As Revolution” with the accouncement of some events and formal support from Professor Brian Cox

SAVE POMONA #EdenProjectOfTheNorth

A peoples’ campaign to #SavePomona, conserve and enhance biodiversity, and build an Eden Project For The North on Pomona, Salford Docklands

The campaign has viable alternative plans to the Peel vision, a strong petition with over 1500 signatures, and political and celebrity support

The group are conducting ecological surveys, general research and public consultation, and reports with a summary of these activities are to be presented to Trafford Council

Comments and objections to the Peel/Rowlinson vision can be sent to Trafford Council up to Friday 23rd October via Planning Officer Richard Gore


Following from the premiere of this film at Merci in September 2015, a showing of the Naomi Klein film “This Changes Everything”

6pm Thursday 22nd October 2015, a National Day Of Climate Action
@ Conference Suite, The Union MMU, 21 Higher Cambridge Street, Manchester, M15 6AD

Five years of filming in countries such as Canada, Greece, England, India and Germany have created an educational, emotional, thought provoking, and ultimately positive film that received 5 stars from the Mancunian Spring film review


Tens of thousands of people joined in recent Manchester political events, the Tories were laughed out of town and told to “Frack Off” and the city is now free for real politics, with a great deal of political activity happening

Recent events such as the Time To Act Conference and the first Manchester Momentum meeting show a real appetite for creating real change and a real deal for the people of the Manchester area


MecoS presents a superb opportunity for the people to Evolve Manchester into a bee haven, transfer to community energy co-operatives, create edible landscapes, find global energy solutions and make positive scientific breakthroughs


The “Northern Powerhouse” is now a joke! The North needs greater democracy, investment in sustainable industry and positive science, a new vision, and MecoS can be a catalyst

All sectors of society are getting the green ting, including communities and big business, where there are growing calls for a full transfer to the green economy

The Peoples Climate Marches, 28th and 29th November 2015, and the Paris Climate Talks, December 2015, should be a big influence on MecoS, and if a decent global climate deal is reached it can provide a platform for big things to happen


The official MecoS year is 2016, a leap year, and if we can create a decent formula, we could create the conditions for the Great Leap Forward 😀


Rare American Duck Gets Birdwatchers Twitchy In The Mersey Valley

A species of American duck has arrived in the Mersey Valley at the Mersey Vale Nature Reserve near Stockport

First sighted on 8th October on the River Mersey west of the Vale Road Weir the stunning drake Wood Duck was still present on Wednesday 14th October

The Wood Duck is an iconic bird in the United States where conservationists put up nest-boxes to support the native population, they breed in tree-holes, but also breed in man-made nest-boxes

James Walsh aka The Mancunian Birder, a qualified ecologist at Salford University, said “This bird has not got any rings on its’ legs so it could be a wild bird, the Wood Duck population in North America is on the increase, it has been scientifically proven that a Wood Duck has travelled the Atlantic to the Western Palearctic and October is the peak time for birds flying into the UK from America”

“Wood Ducks are becoming a part of the UK countryside as a result of escaped or released birds breeding in the wild and it is also likely that wild birds are arriving here from America”

“Birdwatchers are flocking to the site to get a glimpse of this rare duck and local people are showing an interest in this colourful visitor”

“The habitat is very similar to the habitat Wood Ducks live in over the pond, a flowing water river with bank-side trees and vegetation”

“The Mersey Valley is a wildlife corridor with birds using the river to navigate along, resident birds present on the river include Kingfisher, Goosander, Grey Wagtail and Grey Heron, and some observers report sightings of Otter and Salmon”

“The Mersey Valley is a nature lovers’ paradise and the Mersey Vale Nature Reserve is a part of an internationally important network of nature reserves that includes Sale Water Park and Chorlton Water Park”

“We are blessed to have such a beautiful valley and ecosystem on our door-step”

The Real Political Conference In Manchester This Week Was The Peoples’ Conference

This week, Manchester became a city of political science, with most sections of the political spectrum represented and a huge peoples’ uprising occurring in true Manchester style

So a few Tories squirmed their way into Manchester to talk nonsense behind a ring of steel that resembled the American Embassy in Saigon circa 1975 but October 2015 will forever be remembered as the time the people took politics back from the glazed, coiffured political elites

The Tory Conference numbers of people paled into insignificance compared with the many tens of thousands of people who took part in peoples’ political action such as marches, conferences, comedy events, planning meetings, civil disobedience, panel events, direct action and rallies

The Salford Star provided some superb coverage of all the action

Around 100,000 marched on Sunday, around 10,000 saw Jeremy Corbyn speeches on Monday and throughout the week Manchester was buzzing with activism such as Save The NHS, Disabled People Against The Cuts, Stop TTIP and Climate Action, culminating in the Tories being told to Frack Off on Wednesday and then the inaugural Manchester Momentum meeting

The Guardian: Momentum Group Set Up To Create Mass Movement For Political Change

A campaign, No More Manchester Conservative Conferences, has begun to put pressure on the Manchester Labour Council “Leaders” to refuse to accommodate any future Conservative Conferences under the banner Enough Is Enough!

The BNP can’t have a Conference in Manchester so why should the Tories be allowed ? Ok so the Tory Conference brings a few quid in, but how much is lost in transport subsidies for those oh so poor Tories and how much are the Tories taking out of the local economy in cuts ?

The Facebook group No More Manchester Conservative Conferences

Potty Pete from Longsight says “The City Is Ours, Tories Frack Off!”

The Labour Party Needs To Join The Anti-Fracking Movement En Masse

Photo: Anti-fracking protesters at the Labour Party Conference in Manchester, September 2014

The Labour Party have become a welcome late guest to the anti-fracking party

Whilst committed citizens throughout the country have camped in fields every year since 2011 literally throwing themselves in front of heavy industrial machinery facing police brutality, smear campaigns and harsh Northern winters, the Labour Party has, until the recent Corbyn surge, given lukewarm support to this vile, ecocidal industry, including in the case of Barton Moss, political support, including collusion with state apparatus to force through exploratory drilling against the wishes of a hardcore Labour supporting community in Salford

The two Labour leadership election candidates who could be classed as anti-fracking got almost 80 per cent of the vote, almost four fifths of votes polled

Jeremy Corbyn, the only truly anti-fracking candidate, won the Labour leadership election with 59.5 per cent

Andy Burnham, who calls for a fracking moratorium, achieved 19 per cent

The pro-fracking candidates, Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall, achieved around 20 per cent, one-fifth, of the vote

So is this new anti-fracking vibe in the peoples’ party actually going to translate into political, financial and physical support for the anti-fracking movement ?

Voices such as John McDonnell and Michael Meacher have been trying to persuade Labour to take a fully anti-fracking stance for years and it would have been interesting to see what Labours performance in the General Election in May 2015 would have looked like if Labour had been a united, anti-fracking party on polling day

The political landscape has changed beyond recognition since then and with the Paris Climate Talks just 2 months away there is huge amounts of political capital to be made against the Tories from taking a united, anti-fracking position that includes proper support for the hundreds of community groups that are fighting the extreme energy industry

It is time for a fundamental review of the Labour Partys’ links with big business such as Peel and it is time for the red rose of the Labour Party to unite with the red rose of Frack Free Lancashire

Are Tories, IGas and Peel Trying To Frack The Trafford Centre ?

Emergency Protest against the Extreme Energy Industry Today Thursday 8th October 2015 from 5:30pm @ Trafford Council

Picture the scene, you have just gone up the Trafford Centre to pick up a bit of shopping, when all of a sudden the walls start shaking and the ground beneath you starts rumbling and you wonder what the fook is happening ? This could be reality soon as Trafford Council are having a vote today on an IGas application to drill for Coal Bed Methane at a site just yards from the Trafford Centre, where thousands of people go to worship at the altar of capitalism and pick up a few nice bargains every day! What utter insanity you say ?

Environmental activists at Friends of the Earth only found out yesterday that Trafford Council is considering the CBM application for Davyhulme today!

The Davyhulme/Trafford Centre area is already highly polluted, anyone who has driven over the motorway in this area is likely to have noticed the “Davyhulme Stink” that people who live in this area have to put up with every day having no clue as to how it is affecting their health

And rather than focus on cleaning up this area, Peel have big plans to pour even more pollution in in the form of a Biomass Incinerator, Port Salford, fracking, and create a “Trafford City”, presumably free gas masks are going to be given out to all residents and visitors?

Peels’ plans are based on, at best, wishful thinking, and, at worst criminal negligence and you have to wonder what a decent lawyer would say about this situation

Just to re-iterate how polluted the Davyhulme area actually is, a Protest Camp that was formed at the site in summer 2014 had to be dis-banded almost immediately due to people becoming violently ill and suffering rashes, almost certainly as a result of the pollution levels!

This situation would be laughably surreal if it wasn’t so serious, perhaps someone should tell Peel that the Paris Climate Talks are in 8 weeks time ?

For more details about Traffords’ Air Pollution see the Breathe Clean Air Group, a committed group of citizens who have been fighting pollution in Trafford and raising awareness

Breathe Clean Air Group

The Ecologist, Unconventional Gas, Unsafe, Unnecessary And Unwanted

Petition, Peel, Salford and Trafford Council Divest From Fossil Fuels To Green Energy

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Davyhulme Anti-fracking Camp, summer 2014

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