Are Tories, IGas and Peel Trying To Frack The Trafford Centre ?

Emergency Protest against the Extreme Energy Industry Today Thursday 8th October 2015 from 5:30pm @ Trafford Council

Picture the scene, you have just gone up the Trafford Centre to pick up a bit of shopping, when all of a sudden the walls start shaking and the ground beneath you starts rumbling and you wonder what the fook is happening ? This could be reality soon as Trafford Council are having a vote today on an IGas application to drill for Coal Bed Methane at a site just yards from the Trafford Centre, where thousands of people go to worship at the altar of capitalism and pick up a few nice bargains every day! What utter insanity you say ?

Environmental activists at Friends of the Earth only found out yesterday that Trafford Council is considering the CBM application for Davyhulme today!

The Davyhulme/Trafford Centre area is already highly polluted, anyone who has driven over the motorway in this area is likely to have noticed the “Davyhulme Stink” that people who live in this area have to put up with every day having no clue as to how it is affecting their health

And rather than focus on cleaning up this area, Peel have big plans to pour even more pollution in in the form of a Biomass Incinerator, Port Salford, fracking, and create a “Trafford City”, presumably free gas masks are going to be given out to all residents and visitors?

Peels’ plans are based on, at best, wishful thinking, and, at worst criminal negligence and you have to wonder what a decent lawyer would say about this situation

Just to re-iterate how polluted the Davyhulme area actually is, a Protest Camp that was formed at the site in summer 2014 had to be dis-banded almost immediately due to people becoming violently ill and suffering rashes, almost certainly as a result of the pollution levels!

This situation would be laughably surreal if it wasn’t so serious, perhaps someone should tell Peel that the Paris Climate Talks are in 8 weeks time ?

For more details about Traffords’ Air Pollution see the Breathe Clean Air Group, a committed group of citizens who have been fighting pollution in Trafford and raising awareness

Breathe Clean Air Group

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Davyhulme Anti-fracking Camp, summer 2014

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