The Labour Party Needs To Join The Anti-Fracking Movement En Masse

Photo: Anti-fracking protesters at the Labour Party Conference in Manchester, September 2014

The Labour Party have become a welcome late guest to the anti-fracking party

Whilst committed citizens throughout the country have camped in fields every year since 2011 literally throwing themselves in front of heavy industrial machinery facing police brutality, smear campaigns and harsh Northern winters, the Labour Party has, until the recent Corbyn surge, given lukewarm support to this vile, ecocidal industry, including in the case of Barton Moss, political support, including collusion with state apparatus to force through exploratory drilling against the wishes of a hardcore Labour supporting community in Salford

The two Labour leadership election candidates who could be classed as anti-fracking got almost 80 per cent of the vote, almost four fifths of votes polled

Jeremy Corbyn, the only truly anti-fracking candidate, won the Labour leadership election with 59.5 per cent

Andy Burnham, who calls for a fracking moratorium, achieved 19 per cent

The pro-fracking candidates, Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall, achieved around 20 per cent, one-fifth, of the vote

So is this new anti-fracking vibe in the peoples’ party actually going to translate into political, financial and physical support for the anti-fracking movement ?

Voices such as John McDonnell and Michael Meacher have been trying to persuade Labour to take a fully anti-fracking stance for years and it would have been interesting to see what Labours performance in the General Election in May 2015 would have looked like if Labour had been a united, anti-fracking party on polling day

The political landscape has changed beyond recognition since then and with the Paris Climate Talks just 2 months away there is huge amounts of political capital to be made against the Tories from taking a united, anti-fracking position that includes proper support for the hundreds of community groups that are fighting the extreme energy industry

It is time for a fundamental review of the Labour Partys’ links with big business such as Peel and it is time for the red rose of the Labour Party to unite with the red rose of Frack Free Lancashire


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