The Real Political Conference In Manchester This Week Was The Peoples’ Conference

This week, Manchester became a city of political science, with most sections of the political spectrum represented and a huge peoples’ uprising occurring in true Manchester style

So a few Tories squirmed their way into Manchester to talk nonsense behind a ring of steel that resembled the American Embassy in Saigon circa 1975 but October 2015 will forever be remembered as the time the people took politics back from the glazed, coiffured political elites

The Tory Conference numbers of people paled into insignificance compared with the many tens of thousands of people who took part in peoples’ political action such as marches, conferences, comedy events, planning meetings, civil disobedience, panel events, direct action and rallies

The Salford Star provided some superb coverage of all the action

Around 100,000 marched on Sunday, around 10,000 saw Jeremy Corbyn speeches on Monday and throughout the week Manchester was buzzing with activism such as Save The NHS, Disabled People Against The Cuts, Stop TTIP and Climate Action, culminating in the Tories being told to Frack Off on Wednesday and then the inaugural Manchester Momentum meeting

The Guardian: Momentum Group Set Up To Create Mass Movement For Political Change

A campaign, No More Manchester Conservative Conferences, has begun to put pressure on the Manchester Labour Council “Leaders” to refuse to accommodate any future Conservative Conferences under the banner Enough Is Enough!

The BNP can’t have a Conference in Manchester so why should the Tories be allowed ? Ok so the Tory Conference brings a few quid in, but how much is lost in transport subsidies for those oh so poor Tories and how much are the Tories taking out of the local economy in cuts ?

The Facebook group No More Manchester Conservative Conferences

Potty Pete from Longsight says “The City Is Ours, Tories Frack Off!”


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