The Geek Shall Inherit The City

#MecoS #ScienceAsRevolution #EvoManc #NorthernGreenhouse

Author: James Walsh
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Manchester European City of Science (MecoS) continues to evolve organically under the slogan “Science As Revolution” with the accouncement of some events and formal support from Professor Brian Cox

SAVE POMONA #EdenProjectOfTheNorth

A peoples’ campaign to #SavePomona, conserve and enhance biodiversity, and build an Eden Project For The North on Pomona, Salford Docklands

The campaign has viable alternative plans to the Peel vision, a strong petition with over 1500 signatures, and political and celebrity support

The group are conducting ecological surveys, general research and public consultation, and reports with a summary of these activities are to be presented to Trafford Council

Comments and objections to the Peel/Rowlinson vision can be sent to Trafford Council up to Friday 23rd October via Planning Officer Richard Gore


Following from the premiere of this film at Merci in September 2015, a showing of the Naomi Klein film “This Changes Everything”

6pm Thursday 22nd October 2015, a National Day Of Climate Action
@ Conference Suite, The Union MMU, 21 Higher Cambridge Street, Manchester, M15 6AD

Five years of filming in countries such as Canada, Greece, England, India and Germany have created an educational, emotional, thought provoking, and ultimately positive film that received 5 stars from the Mancunian Spring film review


Tens of thousands of people joined in recent Manchester political events, the Tories were laughed out of town and told to “Frack Off” and the city is now free for real politics, with a great deal of political activity happening

Recent events such as the Time To Act Conference and the first Manchester Momentum meeting show a real appetite for creating real change and a real deal for the people of the Manchester area


MecoS presents a superb opportunity for the people to Evolve Manchester into a bee haven, transfer to community energy co-operatives, create edible landscapes, find global energy solutions and make positive scientific breakthroughs


The “Northern Powerhouse” is now a joke! The North needs greater democracy, investment in sustainable industry and positive science, a new vision, and MecoS can be a catalyst

All sectors of society are getting the green ting, including communities and big business, where there are growing calls for a full transfer to the green economy

The Peoples Climate Marches, 28th and 29th November 2015, and the Paris Climate Talks, December 2015, should be a big influence on MecoS, and if a decent global climate deal is reached it can provide a platform for big things to happen


The official MecoS year is 2016, a leap year, and if we can create a decent formula, we could create the conditions for the Great Leap Forward 😀


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