An Open Letter To Labour Party MPs

#PeaceInTheMiddleEast #PeaceInSyria #TrueLabour

I am writing to urge all Labour Party MPs, if there is a vote on UK airstrikes in Syria, to vote NO to David Camerons’ phoney war, and, instead to take the opportunity of global unity to call for a Middle East Peace Conference

During the next 2 weeks we have the Paris Climate Talks where all world leaders are in Paris together, with the opportunity for diplomacy and peace to win over war

Surely there has never been a better opportunity for Middle East Peace Talks, especially as the issues of climate and war are intrinsically interlinked

Michael Fallon says that the UK would lose some of its’ standing in the world if it doesn’t join the “bombing party”, but surely we would increase our standing in the world as a force for peace, we could have a seat at the “top table” as a peacemaker committed to the political process, the diplomatic process and the peace process

The timing of this episode is particularly intriguing, the Conservative Party are in meltdown, we have Abusegate, Bullygate, Piggate, etc and the Labour Party has a great opportunity to politically outmaneouvre David Cameron who is essentially a lame duck Prime Minister

If there is a vote on whether the UK joins the “bombing party” in Syria, please ask yourself the following questions before voting

1. How can anyone who votes for war call themselves a real politician ?

2. What would the founder of the Labour Party, Keir Hardie, do in this situation ?

3. Who are you in politics to represent ?

4. Have you read the views of the 70,000 Labour Party members who have responded to Mr Corbyn regarding the issue of Syria ?

5. Who deserves the most loyalty ? Jeremy Corbyn – the leader of your party, the Labour Party, or David Cameron ?

6. Is this essential military action or a marketing exercise for arms dealers ? Should we be debating the role of the military industry ?

7. Did you get into politics to vote for the slaughter of civilians ? To support imperalialist wars ? Can you imagine what it must be like to be bombed ?

8. Have you read the letter from Raqqa residents printed in The Observer ?

9. Why does the UK have to get involved militarily in a situation that is already extremely messy, dangerous and complicated ?

10. Why can’t UN Peacekeeping Troops be utilised ahead of UK military in this situation ?

11. Why can’t UN Special Forces be sent in to Syria to arrest all who are suspected of, or known to have committed war crimes in Syria and take them to the International Criminal Court, a court designed to try all who have committed war crimes ?

12. Why is David Cameron not pushing for “so-called” ISIL and Al-quaeda leaders to be arrested and tried at the International Criminal Court ?

13. How can you possibly trust Michael Fallon ? A man who was recently going around the UK telling us that fracking is the best thing since sliced bread ?

14. Why are there so many Tory rebels on this issue ? What are the reservations that Conservative Party MPs have ?

15. Is it not embarrassing and cringe-worthy getting phone-calls from Conservative Party “top-brass” begging for war ?

16. Can you really vote for war when so many Labour Party members are saying #NotInMyName ?

17. Do you want the UK to be known around the world as a peacemaker or a warmonger ? Do you want the Labour Party to be known as peacemakers, as it is for its’ hard work in the Northern Ireland peace process, or warmongers, as it is for the disastrous Iraq War ?

18. Are the streets of the UK really going to be safer if the UK bombs Syria ?

19. If you believe Michael Fallon that airstrikes can be achieved without any civilian casualties, then would you be prepared to go and live in the areas of Syria that the UK government are preparing to bomb ?

20. Isn’t Christmas supposed to be the time of peace and goodwill to all men ?

Yours faithfully,

Mr James Walsh

Labour Party Member


Northerners 10 Key Demands For Paris Climate Talks 2015

greenjobsnow#COP21 #NorthernGreenhouse #FutureMakers

A Northern Spring survey of 10,000 Northerners conducted during 2015 today reveals the Norths’ 10 key demands for politicians regarding the North of England at the Paris Climate Talks due to take place from 30th November – 13th December 2015

1/ Pledge to create a Zero Carbon Britain, including a Zero Carbon North, in line with the Centre for Alternative Technologys’ Zero Carbon Britain Report, including all businesses to become Future Makers

2/ Urgent implementation of One Million Climate Jobs on a national level with appropriate proportion of jobs to the North of England creating a 1940’s style National Effort on climate change, with all political parties to work together to achieve this, and a significant proportion of jobs to the North-east, including the steelwork areas, where skilled unemployment is rising

3/ Alternative clean and green plans to be produced for the “Northern Powerhouse” including huge input from ecologists, green economists and scientists

4/ A Clean Air Plan for the North of England, including an urgent review of the Infrastructure Bill

5/ Ecosystem Services Invoice for the North of England

6/ Ban all forms of extreme energy, including fracking, Coal Bed Methane and Underground Coal Gasification, and form Peoples’ Enquiries on Barton Moss (Salford), Borras (Wales), Ellesmere Port and Upton (Cheshire), Crawberry Hill and West Newton (Yorkshire), and the role of Barclays Bank in extreme energy

7/ Urgent investigation into all polluting industries and review of all PEDLs, including the process of issuing them, and bring polluters to justice as a crime against humanity and the environment, including introducing Ecocide as a crime

8/ Increased Energy Democratisation for the people, increase community energy co-operatives, re-instate Solar Feed-In Tariff and urgent review of “The Big Six”

9/ No nuclear power and no nuclear storage in the North of England

10/ Stop the Davyhulme BioMass Incinerator and an urgent review into the “green credentials” of BioMass, and an urgent review into planning process of such projects


Pomona Docks – The Peoples’ Nature Reserve

Little Ringed Plover – an iconic Schedule 1 species of the Salford Docklands

Community ecologists on Salford Docklands, as per usual, have been working hard recording the wildlife on Pomona Docks – the peoples’ nature reserve

The recent high business, political and media profile of the site have increased the awareness of the site as a wildlife haven

Recent sightings on the Docklands have included Kingfishers, Great Crested Grebe, and some site rarities, Shoveler, Greylag Goose and Little Grebe

Peregrine Falcons are frequent visitors to the site and have been seen displaying this year around the docklands

Winter is a good time to see Woodcock, Jack Snipe and Common Snipe, with all 3 being recorded on the Pomona Autimnwatch Salford Migration Festival event that also saw Skylark, Reed Bunting and big flocks of Fieldfares, arriving from Scandinavia, and migrating Meadow Pipits

Sightings of Otter continue to tantalise and increased observers could see more sightings, try early mornings along the Manchester Ship Canal

Pomona Docks has become a nationally known wildlife site in the BBC Wildlife magazine October 2015 edition

The eco-credentials of the site are boosted in the fact that the site can be accessed from the Metrolink, via the Pomona and Cornbrook stations

Pomona Docks has now become the peoples’ nature reserve with national interest in wildlife and the site peaking, Pomona, on the Costa del Salford, really is the place to bee

#SavePomona James Walsh Speech @Trafford Council

As Pomona Docks was a site where dockers worked, I wish to pay respects to the dockers who helped to build the modern world we all enjoy today

I wish for the Committee to defer this application for members to read The Popes’ environmental encyclical, research the ecology of Pomona and realise the opportunity for the community to work together to achieve something world class on Pomona

David Cameron promised us the Greenest Government Ever and Trafford Council is supposed to be the Tories’ model council, therefore, this planned development should not go ahead in its’ current form, especially as Tony Lloyd, the un-elected “interim” Mayor of Greater Manchester has signed a statement at the Vatican to combat environmental destruction

I could talk about the lack of democracy in the planning process and “DevoManc” and whether the Committee could be accused of malfeasance if this application is voted through, but I don’t want to do that, I want to inspire the Committee to meet and raise the standards of the Trafford Core strategy and to inspire a green economy revolution

Pomona is a place that people love, and this love is reflected in the fact that our group have recorded more than 100 bird species and 150 species of flora

Please note our group disputes the decision not to award Pomona Site of Biological Importance status as the site shows the features of an SBI Grade B

As a qualified ecologist I am concerned about breeding Little Ringed Plovers and Kingfishers, Schedule 1 species, Sand Martins, colonial nesting species, breeding UKBAP species such as Lapwings, Skylarks, Song Thrush, Dunnock and Bullfinch and the fact that the site is feeding habitat for thousands of bees, the symbol of Greater Manchester

The law has been slow to reflect the concerns of ecologists on the loss of global biodiversity, however, in recent years we have seen some significant advances, but the loss of biodiversity will not be changed unless planners and politicians make sound, sustainable decisions about land use

Salford Docklands has suffered from habitat loss due to the concreting over of brownfield sites, and Pomona is the last real chance to create something amazing for wildlife and people on the docklands

Are Committee members aware that Manchester is the European City of Science and that building an Eden Project North could be the jewel in the crown of our scientific achievements ?

I wish to let the Committee know that the world is watching and with Live Earth happening tomorrow and the Paris Climate Talks happening in December the environment is the number one issue for everyone in the world

I urge the Committee to defer this application to give us more time to work together to build something unique and unifying for all of us and future generations

Manchester Ship Canal World Heritage Group Issue Mission Statement

Photo: Pomona, Salford Docklands, a site that illustrates the heritage and environmental importance of the Manchester Ship Canal (photo: James Walsh @MancunianBirder)

“The Manchester Ship Canal flows from Salford Docks to Eastham Locks, many people know that the Ship Canal is steeped in industrial history and people are starting to discover how much wildlife there is – we have internationally important nature areas such as Frodsham, Woolston, Moore, Salford Mosses and Salford Docklands, and it is time that the Manchester Ship Canal received international recognition, protections and conservation to promote a clean and healthy environment, increase biodiversity and promote the area as an international Heritage and EcoTourism destination”

“Programmes such as the recent Canals: The Making Of A Nation are hugely popular and interest in the navvies and dockers who created the canals, industry and wealth is at a peak, it is time to show proper respect and show the world the rich heritage of the Manchester Ship Canal”

“Otters, Salmon, Cornflower, Black-necked Grebes, Little Ringed Plovers, Lapwings, Water Voles, Peregrines, Bee Orchids, and Kingfishers are amongst the unique flora and fauna of the Manchester Ship Canal area, a huge wildlife corridor, and with Manchester now the European City of Science we have a unique opportunity to conserve, enhance and promote our wonderful biodiversity”

About The Group – Who We Are

Citizens of the general Salford, Manchester & Trafford community, dockers families with local knowledge, heritage enthusiasts, national, and international supporters, birdwatchers, environmentalists, film makers, producers, wildlife presenters, musicians & journalists

The Vision

The Manchester Ship Canal World Heritage Group believes that the Manchester Ship Canal & many areas of Salford, especially the Mosses & the Docklands, are sufficiently rich in world class heritage and ecology that they merit UNESCO World Heritage status

Fundamental Aim

Our raison d’etre is to facilitate / actively campaign for, and promote, the World Heritage status of the Manchester Ship Canal & Salford, especially the Mosses & the Docklands, through promotion of the heritage, in particular the nature/environment

Awareness of UNESCO and World Heritage is peaking in the UK with news of a Lake District UNESCO World Heritage Bid, and the increased interest should see other UK sites being put forward

Liverpool has had World Heritage Status since 2004 and the heritage of the Manchester Ship Canal could be described as being of equal importance

World Heritage Status can bring with it community pride, jobs and sustainable growth


Pomona Is The Perfect Opportunity For The Science, Business and Political Community To Work Together

The word Pomona has featured at the forefront of many Mancunian and Salfordian minds this year as the interest in the area of docklands has peaked with news of sightings of rare and protected species such as Little Ringed Plover, Bee Orchid, Otter, Water Vole, Hedgehog, Roe Deer, Cornflower, Whinchat, Stonechat, Wheatear, Lapwing, Skylark and Yellow-wort have broadcast amongst the ecology community

Pomona is very popular with the Sustainable Design Community with several very detailed plans of possible future of the land usage circulating around the Internet community with some superb plans for a ecology centre and nature reserve

There are rumours that Time Team are interested in filming a programme on Pomona as the site is of high heritage value

Pomona was formerly Cornbrook Pleasure Gardens, a public area for the general public to chill, with a huge political debating hall, and during the 1900’s became a working docks, known as the Guinness Docks

Pomona is the meeting point of the boroughs of Manchester, Salford and Trafford and has become a peoples’ nature reserve with professional ecologists, wildlife celebrities and birdwatchers visiting the site to record, film and photograph the rare and legally protected wildlife

Pomona is the perfect opportunity for the science, business and political community to work together towards an Eden Project North and the broader aims of the Manchester Ship Canal obtaining World Heritage status