#SavePomona James Walsh Speech @Trafford Council

As Pomona Docks was a site where dockers worked, I wish to pay respects to the dockers who helped to build the modern world we all enjoy today

I wish for the Committee to defer this application for members to read The Popes’ environmental encyclical, research the ecology of Pomona and realise the opportunity for the community to work together to achieve something world class on Pomona

David Cameron promised us the Greenest Government Ever and Trafford Council is supposed to be the Tories’ model council, therefore, this planned development should not go ahead in its’ current form, especially as Tony Lloyd, the un-elected “interim” Mayor of Greater Manchester has signed a statement at the Vatican to combat environmental destruction

I could talk about the lack of democracy in the planning process and “DevoManc” and whether the Committee could be accused of malfeasance if this application is voted through, but I don’t want to do that, I want to inspire the Committee to meet and raise the standards of the Trafford Core strategy and to inspire a green economy revolution

Pomona is a place that people love, and this love is reflected in the fact that our group have recorded more than 100 bird species and 150 species of flora

Please note our group disputes the decision not to award Pomona Site of Biological Importance status as the site shows the features of an SBI Grade B

As a qualified ecologist I am concerned about breeding Little Ringed Plovers and Kingfishers, Schedule 1 species, Sand Martins, colonial nesting species, breeding UKBAP species such as Lapwings, Skylarks, Song Thrush, Dunnock and Bullfinch and the fact that the site is feeding habitat for thousands of bees, the symbol of Greater Manchester

The law has been slow to reflect the concerns of ecologists on the loss of global biodiversity, however, in recent years we have seen some significant advances, but the loss of biodiversity will not be changed unless planners and politicians make sound, sustainable decisions about land use

Salford Docklands has suffered from habitat loss due to the concreting over of brownfield sites, and Pomona is the last real chance to create something amazing for wildlife and people on the docklands

Are Committee members aware that Manchester is the European City of Science and that building an Eden Project North could be the jewel in the crown of our scientific achievements ?

I wish to let the Committee know that the world is watching and with Live Earth happening tomorrow and the Paris Climate Talks happening in December the environment is the number one issue for everyone in the world

I urge the Committee to defer this application to give us more time to work together to build something unique and unifying for all of us and future generations


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