Pomona Docks – The Peoples’ Nature Reserve

Little Ringed Plover – an iconic Schedule 1 species of the Salford Docklands

Community ecologists on Salford Docklands, as per usual, have been working hard recording the wildlife on Pomona Docks – the peoples’ nature reserve

The recent high business, political and media profile of the site have increased the awareness of the site as a wildlife haven

Recent sightings on the Docklands have included Kingfishers, Great Crested Grebe, and some site rarities, Shoveler, Greylag Goose and Little Grebe

Peregrine Falcons are frequent visitors to the site and have been seen displaying this year around the docklands

Winter is a good time to see Woodcock, Jack Snipe and Common Snipe, with all 3 being recorded on the Pomona Autimnwatch Salford Migration Festival event that also saw Skylark, Reed Bunting and big flocks of Fieldfares, arriving from Scandinavia, and migrating Meadow Pipits

Sightings of Otter continue to tantalise and increased observers could see more sightings, try early mornings along the Manchester Ship Canal

Pomona Docks has become a nationally known wildlife site in the BBC Wildlife magazine October 2015 edition

The eco-credentials of the site are boosted in the fact that the site can be accessed from the Metrolink, via the Pomona and Cornbrook stations

Pomona Docks has now become the peoples’ nature reserve with national interest in wildlife and the site peaking, Pomona, on the Costa del Salford, really is the place to bee


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