An Open Letter To Labour Party MPs

#PeaceInTheMiddleEast #PeaceInSyria #TrueLabour

I am writing to urge all Labour Party MPs, if there is a vote on UK airstrikes in Syria, to vote NO to David Camerons’ phoney war, and, instead to take the opportunity of global unity to call for a Middle East Peace Conference

During the next 2 weeks we have the Paris Climate Talks where all world leaders are in Paris together, with the opportunity for diplomacy and peace to win over war

Surely there has never been a better opportunity for Middle East Peace Talks, especially as the issues of climate and war are intrinsically interlinked

Michael Fallon says that the UK would lose some of its’ standing in the world if it doesn’t join the “bombing party”, but surely we would increase our standing in the world as a force for peace, we could have a seat at the “top table” as a peacemaker committed to the political process, the diplomatic process and the peace process

The timing of this episode is particularly intriguing, the Conservative Party are in meltdown, we have Abusegate, Bullygate, Piggate, etc and the Labour Party has a great opportunity to politically outmaneouvre David Cameron who is essentially a lame duck Prime Minister

If there is a vote on whether the UK joins the “bombing party” in Syria, please ask yourself the following questions before voting

1. How can anyone who votes for war call themselves a real politician ?

2. What would the founder of the Labour Party, Keir Hardie, do in this situation ?

3. Who are you in politics to represent ?

4. Have you read the views of the 70,000 Labour Party members who have responded to Mr Corbyn regarding the issue of Syria ?

5. Who deserves the most loyalty ? Jeremy Corbyn – the leader of your party, the Labour Party, or David Cameron ?

6. Is this essential military action or a marketing exercise for arms dealers ? Should we be debating the role of the military industry ?

7. Did you get into politics to vote for the slaughter of civilians ? To support imperalialist wars ? Can you imagine what it must be like to be bombed ?

8. Have you read the letter from Raqqa residents printed in The Observer ?

9. Why does the UK have to get involved militarily in a situation that is already extremely messy, dangerous and complicated ?

10. Why can’t UN Peacekeeping Troops be utilised ahead of UK military in this situation ?

11. Why can’t UN Special Forces be sent in to Syria to arrest all who are suspected of, or known to have committed war crimes in Syria and take them to the International Criminal Court, a court designed to try all who have committed war crimes ?

12. Why is David Cameron not pushing for “so-called” ISIL and Al-quaeda leaders to be arrested and tried at the International Criminal Court ?

13. How can you possibly trust Michael Fallon ? A man who was recently going around the UK telling us that fracking is the best thing since sliced bread ?

14. Why are there so many Tory rebels on this issue ? What are the reservations that Conservative Party MPs have ?

15. Is it not embarrassing and cringe-worthy getting phone-calls from Conservative Party “top-brass” begging for war ?

16. Can you really vote for war when so many Labour Party members are saying #NotInMyName ?

17. Do you want the UK to be known around the world as a peacemaker or a warmonger ? Do you want the Labour Party to be known as peacemakers, as it is for its’ hard work in the Northern Ireland peace process, or warmongers, as it is for the disastrous Iraq War ?

18. Are the streets of the UK really going to be safer if the UK bombs Syria ?

19. If you believe Michael Fallon that airstrikes can be achieved without any civilian casualties, then would you be prepared to go and live in the areas of Syria that the UK government are preparing to bomb ?

20. Isn’t Christmas supposed to be the time of peace and goodwill to all men ?

Yours faithfully,

Mr James Walsh

Labour Party Member


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