Northerners Are Superstars


The Northern flooding events have happened on a quick timescale and have caught many people, especially the politicians, on the hop

Unprecedented levels of flooding have occurred in Cumbria, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Greater Manchester and Cheshire during the festive season

The amazing spirit and tenacity of Northern folk working together in communities have once again shamed the politicians who dither whilst real people get on with it supporting each other

These events have to be a catalyst for a transformation of epic proportions of the way we do business, the way our democracy works and a catalyst for a clean, green North that starts today

No longer can we tolerate any polluting industry in the North, we have to work using the precautionary principle at all levels of business

And no longer can we be palmed off with a “Northern Powerhouse” that is literally sinking in the water!

As people all over the world watch images of Northerners showing real courage in hardcore flooding it is time for the North to rise again


Civil Society Is On The March


#D12 #GlobalJusticeNow #Redlines #COP21

Redlines are the theme of Saturday December 12th Peoples’ Action

The Redlines represent the Redlines that we don’t want politicians to cross on climate change

Civil society is saying “No More!” on #D12

No More Fracking, No More Climate Change Inaction, No More Ecocide, No More Broken Promises, No More Flimsy Climate Deals, No More War, No More Dodgy Trade Deals

Following from the Peoples’ Climate Marches on 29th November that saw millions of people marching all over the world demanding a proper climate deal at the Paris Climate Talks, many activists are keeping the faith that a decent deal can be arrived at, however, whatever is agreed it is unlikely to be enough


The Manchester area action is a people’s picnic party on Knutsford Common in Cheshire 1pm-3pm

There are two meeting points

1/ meet at midday at Picadilly Station in Manchester, look out for the lady in red!

2/ meet at 1pm on Knutsford Common

The organisers are urging people to be creative with banners and cool costumes and the theme is red to represent the Redlines

Planning meeting, 7pm Wednesday 9th December, The Lounge, Central Hall, Oldham Street, Manchester

Green Britain – A New Vision Of Britain


#FutureMakers #GreenBritain #NorthernGreenhouse #PowerToThePeople #JeSuisVert

As the world unites for the Paris Climate Talks, it is time for a new vision of Britain to enhance our green and pleasant land

Major events around the world have swiftly and starkly brought many of the big climate change issues to forefront of the minds of the international community representatives at the Paris Climate Talks

The extreme weather event in Northern Britain in recent days should be another catalyst for action

The political landscape is shifting, we have experienced Cool Britannia and Cruel Britannia, now it’s time to move on and the new era of multi-party politics has brought more environmentally conscious political parties onto the scene

The Labour Party has elected a leader, Jeremy Corbyn, with a huge mandate who is a supporter of One Million Climate Jobs and was the only anti-fracking candidate in the leadership election

The Green Party are gaining popularity in the mainstream, the green surge resulted in more than a million votes on General Election Day 2015 and the Green Party, and the Reality Party, have called for a peaceful revolution

The Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) have already mapped how to transfer to a zero carbon economy in the Zero Carbon Britain Report

The people of the UK are still waiting for the promised Greenest Government Ever, but it has to happen now, and there are signs that the people are no longer prepared to wait

In the North there are growing calls for a cleaner, greener alternative to the “Northern Powerhouse”, the science community has major concerns regarding some of the planned projects and the governments’ approach needs urgent scientific intervention and review

The old mis-conception that going green is bad for business has been knocked out of the ball park, but what needs to be clarified is what exactly is green technology as there are too many businesses attempting to greenwash their operations

Public opposition to fracking grows ever higher and it is time for the UK to drop the fracking fantasy and move on

The business world is changing at a rapid pace towards the green economy and all of Britains’ businesses should be making all efforts to keep up with the pace of projects such as the Apollo Project, the David Attenborough inspired renewable energy project, and Breakthrough Energy

Green scientists and entrepreneurs should be aware of the investment funds that can be tapped into such as the Northern Powerhouse Fund and Greater Manchester Life Sciences Fund

In Manchester, the European City Of Science, we have the responsibility of creating the Industrial Revolution to atone for, and the opportunities to become a leader in the Green Revolution, meeting Friends of the Earths’ Four Challenges For Manchester and making the transfer to a Carbon Neutral City

We know that we have to transfer to a zero carbon economy, the challenge for civil society, business and politicians now is how fast we can transfer

One Million Climate Jobs could potentially provide some solutions to inequality, poverty, austerity, unemployment, active citizenship and apprenticeship levels

The way forward should include increased democracy, including energy democratisation, improved business Future Maker models, following the lead of Breakthrough Energy and the Apollo Project, investing in, and encouraging Britains’ green economists and green scientists to make the big breakthroughs

Civil Society Calls For Olympic Truce

image#OlympicTruce #WorldPeace #GlobalCeasefire

With the 2016 Rio Olympics on the near horizon it is now time for the international community to call for the implementation of the Olympic Truce, a global ceasefire

The global community is uniting for the Paris Climate Talks, let us take this moment of unity forward

2016, a leap year, is looking safe with a UK Peace March in London, 27th February, the Brazil 2016 Olympics, the European Football Championships, and Ban-Ki Moon has announced an international Climate Summit 2016

Manchester is the European City Of Science, hosting some of the worlds’ premier green scientists

There are many reasons to celebrate for progressive internationalists, Aung San Suu Kyi won the recent Burmese Elections and socialism is becoming popular in Europe and the USA

The Paris Climate Talks have brought the global community together to find solutions to climate change

One solution to climate change is world peace and energy democratisation

The build-up to the Olympic Games are the perfect opportunity for global civil society to call for the Olympic Truce, a global ceasefire in all wars

The Olympic Truce Motto is Building A Peaceful And Better World Through Sport And The Olympic Ideal

Civil society around the world requires the implementation of the Olympic Truce and all countries to work together for a strong climate deal at the 2015 Paris Climate Talks, and strong co-ordinated global environmental action in 2016

True Labour

truelabour#TrueLabour #RespectCorbyn #LabourWin

Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour Party, has come through a tough week smelling of roses with a huge win for the Labour Party

Corbyn has won large numbers of new supporters from all strands of the political spectrum this week due to impeccable political standards

Jeremy Corbyn led the mainstream majority view in the United Kingdom, amongst the general public, the Labour Cabinet, Labour MPs, Labour membership, in the Unions and the Government Foreign Affairs Select Committee, against UK military involvement in Syria

The Labour Party win in Oldham gives Labour a formula for political wins, popular local people and Momentum activism