Civil Society Calls For Olympic Truce

image#OlympicTruce #WorldPeace #GlobalCeasefire

With the 2016 Rio Olympics on the near horizon it is now time for the international community to call for the implementation of the Olympic Truce, a global ceasefire

The global community is uniting for the Paris Climate Talks, let us take this moment of unity forward

2016, a leap year, is looking safe with a UK Peace March in London, 27th February, the Brazil 2016 Olympics, the European Football Championships, and Ban-Ki Moon has announced an international Climate Summit 2016

Manchester is the European City Of Science, hosting some of the worlds’ premier green scientists

There are many reasons to celebrate for progressive internationalists, Aung San Suu Kyi won the recent Burmese Elections and socialism is becoming popular in Europe and the USA

The Paris Climate Talks have brought the global community together to find solutions to climate change

One solution to climate change is world peace and energy democratisation

The build-up to the Olympic Games are the perfect opportunity for global civil society to call for the Olympic Truce, a global ceasefire in all wars

The Olympic Truce Motto is Building A Peaceful And Better World Through Sport And The Olympic Ideal

Civil society around the world requires the implementation of the Olympic Truce and all countries to work together for a strong climate deal at the 2015 Paris Climate Talks, and strong co-ordinated global environmental action in 2016


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