Civil Society Is On The March


#D12 #GlobalJusticeNow #Redlines #COP21

Redlines are the theme of Saturday December 12th Peoples’ Action

The Redlines represent the Redlines that we don’t want politicians to cross on climate change

Civil society is saying “No More!” on #D12

No More Fracking, No More Climate Change Inaction, No More Ecocide, No More Broken Promises, No More Flimsy Climate Deals, No More War, No More Dodgy Trade Deals

Following from the Peoples’ Climate Marches on 29th November that saw millions of people marching all over the world demanding a proper climate deal at the Paris Climate Talks, many activists are keeping the faith that a decent deal can be arrived at, however, whatever is agreed it is unlikely to be enough


The Manchester area action is a people’s picnic party on Knutsford Common in Cheshire 1pm-3pm

There are two meeting points

1/ meet at midday at Picadilly Station in Manchester, look out for the lady in red!

2/ meet at 1pm on Knutsford Common

The organisers are urging people to be creative with banners and cool costumes and the theme is red to represent the Redlines

Planning meeting, 7pm Wednesday 9th December, The Lounge, Central Hall, Oldham Street, Manchester


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