Northerners Are Superstars


The Northern flooding events have happened on a quick timescale and have caught many people, especially the politicians, on the hop

Unprecedented levels of flooding have occurred in Cumbria, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Greater Manchester and Cheshire during the festive season

The amazing spirit and tenacity of Northern folk working together in communities have once again shamed the politicians who dither whilst real people get on with it supporting each other

These events have to be a catalyst for a transformation of epic proportions of the way we do business, the way our democracy works and a catalyst for a clean, green North that starts today

No longer can we tolerate any polluting industry in the North, we have to work using the precautionary principle at all levels of business

And no longer can we be palmed off with a “Northern Powerhouse” that is literally sinking in the water!

As people all over the world watch images of Northerners showing real courage in hardcore flooding it is time for the North to rise again


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