The Walk Of The Roses


#UniteTheRoses #WalkOfTheRoses

Lee Miller is walking from Leeds to Liverpool from 30th January to February 8th 2016 to raise awareness of fracking

Lee, an honorary Northerner, timed the walk to coincide with the huge No Fracking Way National Events on Sunday 31st January 2016 and plans to arrive in Liverpool to coincide with the National anti fracking Event in Blackpool on Tuesday 9th February 2016

A Northern gentleman at the start of the walk that travels along the Leeds-Liverpool Canal through some of the UK’s most beautiful countryside said “Nice one lad and tell them frackers to frack off!”

Rumours that Stone Roses frontman Ian Brown is to be joining Lee at some time along the walk remain unconfirmed, although Bez might also be in the picture to support this venture

Lee, in the tradition of principled walkers such as Ghandi and Gayzer Frackman, is committed to the people

Lee is walking to raise environmental awareness having researched the rather dodgy fracking industry

The North has a mighty fine tradition of political walks such as the Jarrow March and Kinder Scout

Join the Frack Free Lancashire Facebook group for updates and check out Lee’s YouTube channel.

Follow on Twitter @MancunianSpring





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