The Northern Spring recently wrote to Graham Brady, the Chairman of the Conservative Party 1922 Committee, with 5 questions on fracking

  1. Can you guarantee that fracking is not going to affect property prices ?

2. I witnessed the flooding in Salford and Manchester in December 2015 – can you guarantee that all industrial infrastructure such as the planned BREP, CBM and fracking in Trafford is flood-proof ? Of particular concern is the planned gas terminal on the Trafford side of the Manchester Ship Canal just yards away from the canal!

3. Why are the Conservative Party not using the precautionary principle regarding fracking and industrial infrastructure ?

4. David Cameron stood in front of the world at COP21 and said that we owe it to future generations to take climate action, yet days later the Conservative government announced the “awarding” of PEDLs (Petroleum Exploration Development Licenses) that, if acted upon, are going to make climate change worse! Why is the Conservative Party’s’ energy policy so inept ?

5. How can the UK be a player in the Climate Change High Ambition Coalition AND support fracking ? It does not make sense and is, quite frankly, highly embarrassing and cringeworthy on the world stage

Mr Brady, a keen supporter of fracking, passed the questions on to Andrea Leadsom, Minister for the Department of Energy & Climate Change, who sent a reply that looks like it was written from the fracking industry handbook

Andrea Leadsom was a Financial Institutions Director at Barclays Bank who are investing in frackers Third Energy in Yorkshire, and does not seem to have any environmental or scientific qualifications

All the fracking industry cheesy lines are in the letter, including the usual reference to the nodding donkey Wytch Farm site in Dorset!

The most alarming section of the letter is the apparent admission that the Government are not ruling out allowing fracking sites in flood risk areas!

According to the letter, the Environment Agency can only object to any development they consider to be at high risk of flooding, so therefore we could see fracking at sites that have medium or low risk of flooding – that goes some way to answering the question about the precautionary principle!



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