Support Woolston Community Protection Camp

Woolston & Thelwall Community Protection Camp celebrates its’ first birthday in the Spring protecting the local community from the extreme energy industry

The site is situated in the middle of an area of high ecological importance, just yards from a world famous nature reserve, Woolston Eyes, the old River Mersey, Woolston Urban Ecology Park, Woolston Park and Rixton Moss

Woolston Eyes Nature Reserve is one of the Norths’ finest nature reserves, with breeding Black-necked Grebes making it a site of national importance

The Woolston Eyes Nature Reserve is a smoothly run nature reserve that has taken years to mature and years of hard work from conservation volunteers to get it to a gold standard

Otters, Salmon and Kingfishers can be found on the old River Mersey, and Barn Owl is also a speciality of the area

Woolston & Thelwall Community Protection Camp is a very key site for the anti-fracking community in terms of publicity as the camp is situated adjacent to Junction 21 of the M6, and the camps’ protectors are doing a superb job of raising awareness of the extreme energy industry, including hosting the Woolston Festival and an Otter spotting event in summer 2015

Visitors are welcomed on the camp, a wishlist for items can be found on the Woolston & Thelwall Protection Camp wishlist and updates Facebook group and if you have time you can combine a visit with a stroll along the Old River Mersey


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