The Northern Greenhouse – A New Vision Of The North

#NorthernGreenhouse   #LoveTheNorth  #ZeroCarbonNorth

Now that most of the countries of the world reached an agreement at the COP 21 event in Paris, December 2015, and the UK is a part of the Climate Change High Ambition Coalition, it is now time for a new vision of the North of England that is fit for purpose and has sound science at the heart of the vision

The “Northern Powerhouse” is only concerned with “business as usual” and the growth of polluting industry, many would argue that the science of the “Northern Powerhouse” is deeply misjudged short-termism and that “business as usual” is no longer a viable, sustainable option

A Northern Greenhouse project could take into account many more important factors, such as the environment, renewable energy, floods, sea-defences, Eco-system Services, political co-operation and provide a holistic vision of the North and a real plan for the future

The “Northern Powerhouse” is about a political elite making all the decisions, the exclusion of the people from important decisions that affect them and “business leaders” paying £500 per ticket for an exclusive Conference, whereas a Northern Greenhouse could be a Peoples’ Collaboration of business people, activists, local people, politicians and academics

A peoples’ Northern Greenhouse could reach a formula that is positive for the environment and a #realdeal that could begin to balance the North-South divide

The recent floods should be a catalyst for a full infrastructure review of the North, an Eco-system Services Invoice for the North and debate and action regarding how fast we can make the #BigSwitch to a #ZeroCarbonNorth

Villages and towns have the Ashton Hayes model, football clubs have the Forest Green model, all areas of the North can make strides to increase EcoTourism and green science can take advantage of the “Northern Powerhouse” funds and Manchester being the European City Of Science

2016, the Leap Manifesto Year, could be the year that a real peoples’ vision for the North becomes mainstream, and the year that we begin to deal with the big issues of what we want and what the future of the North could, or should, look like

The name Northern Greenhouse reflects the need to look at the North scientifically and holistically as a Greenhouse, to reach a balance between human activity and the environment, including the atmosphere

  • Friends of the Earth North-west Gathering
  • 10:30am-4:30pm Saturday 5th March 2016
  • @The Green Fish, Oldham Street, Manchester
  • Book Free tickets on eventbrite






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