2016 – The Great Leap Forward


Could this be the year that humanity makes breakthroughs on many of the social and environmental problems that we face ? Could this be the year we make huge scientific breakthroughs on renewable energy ? Could we see a transfer to a greener economy ? Could this be a big year for the global peace movement ?

Civil society is on the march in 2016, there has just been the biggest anti-nuclear protest, against trident, in the UK since 1983, it was also one of the biggest peace marches to happen in the UK since the 2 million people Peace March in London in 2003

People all over the world, with the original Redlines protest in December 2015 as the inspiration, are drawing Redlines on environmental crime and the business world is getting to grips with the agreement made in Paris, December 2015 at COP21 

The Naomi Klein inspired Leap Manifesto suggests that we need to make a big leap away from fossil fuels and the big switch to renewable energy

The U.K. Local Elections on Thursday 5th May 2016 is a pretty decent opportunity for the citizens of the U.K. to give a verdict on the Conservative Party government, and could the UK EU Referendum in June be an opportunity for the EU to change for the benefit of all European citizens ?

Manchester is the European City Of Science in 2016, and in July hosts the Science In The City Festival and the European Open Science Forum (ESOF)

In August it is the Rio, Brazil, Olympics and this gives civil society the opportunity to call for the Olympic Truce, a global ceasefire 


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