A Frack Free Europe


The big question for the European anti-fracking movement is what the effects of a Bremain vote or a Brexit vote are likely to be for the movement

The UK is the front-line of the European peoples’ campaign against the dirty fracking industry

Is the European anti-fracking movement stronger with Britain a member of the European Union and therefore having the influence of anti-fracking Green MEPs and anti-fracking Labour MEPs on the European Parliament

imagePhoto: Tour de France spectators call for a fracking ban in Yorkshire in summer 2015

Civil society is on the march in the UK regarding many social issues & environmental issues, with the anti-fracking movement the saviours of the UKs’ collective political conscience doing the hard work of protecting the environment when the political process has failed us

Would a Brexit vote embolden the frackers ? Certainly the likes of BoJo, Farage, Nuttall, Gove, etc seem to be pro-fracking

Bremain seems to be uniting the progressive centre-left of UK politics, the Labour Party, Green Party, Scottish National Party, Plaid Cymru & Liberal Democrats are all broadly Remain

There is a growing socialist case for Brexit with the Trade Union & Socialist Coalition the official representatives of this movement

The EU Referendum is dividing the Conservative Party along fairly traditional lines, with in-fighting and some alignment with UKIP & far-right groups

Also worth considering is the message the European Union vote result transmits around Europe, could Brexit be seen as a victory for the right-wing blocks within Europe ?

There is a lot to consider, including future generations, the environment, the renewable energy industry, fracking & European politics if you are signed up to vote on Thursday 23rd June 2016, and there is still just enough time to do your research!





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