The Anti-fracking movement & the EU vote

What is the best result in the UK European Union vote for the anti-fracking movement ? 

The U.K. anti-fracking movement is now a fully fledged peoples’ movement that has taken the fracking industry, and mainstream politics, by surprise with a work ethic, commitment, passion, innovation and successful methods of dis-rupting the fracking industry, making a complete mockery of the Tories’ “All Out For Shale” slogan that has rapidly turned into #ShaleFail

Completely stopping fracking across the globe is one of the front-lines of the battle against climate change, and therefore the UK anti-fracking movement has a special role to play and it is essential if we are to be successful on climate change that we must smash fracking out of the ball-park

There are some in the anti-fracking movement who would suggest boycotting the vote, but unless this happens on a huge and co-ordinated scale how could this prove effective, when the vote is happening anyway and there is no large scale talk of a vote boycott ?

If you are voting then you have a choice to vote for the UK to remain in the European Union or to vote for the UK to leave the European Union

It is essential for the anti-fracking movement to debate the big issues of environment and climate change, and to look at the possible scenarios post-Bremain and post-Brexit




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