The European Union – the Heart of the Situation


James Walsh talks about the real issues of the UK European Union vote during EU Sustainable Energy Week (13th-17th June 2016)


I’m a proud European, I love Europe, we share cultures & I have a proud family history of supporting European institutions

Europe evokes images of the Mediterranean region, family holidays, inter-railing, partying in the sun, the Champions League, exotic looking birds & picturesque scenery

I love that I can carry a European Health Card and get professional health care on European trips

In the UK we can travel the relatively short distance to Brussels to do business with Europe & lobby politicians

The European Union vote debate has brought into sharp focus the lack of democracy in the UK compared with the European Union


The environmental movement should be looking at the effects of the vote on green investment

I suggest everyone looks at the EU Horizon 2020 project

Now that Project Fear has been dis-credited on both sides of the debate, it is time for Energy & the Environment to be brought into the mainstream debate

This should be the most important of all the issues, what choice is the most positive for a clean, green future


Like all Unions, the European Union is a work in progress, and perhaps it is time for the UK to have the faith in the value of a democratic and co-operative European Union, and the faith in our more honest and credible politicians to bring this about

Potential Brexiteers should perhaps have more confidence in the ability of the U.K. Citizens, awake to the possibility of change in the European Union, to bring hope & force change in company with Europes’ progressive parties


MEPs are Members of the European Parliament

From personal experience I can say that my Member of the European Parliament, MEP Julie Ward, has proved to be actively supportive on social media promoting the Northern Greenhouse & North England EcoTourism (NEET) whereas my Member of Parliament in Westminster, Graham Brady has been actively undermining my business progress through the support of fracking that has brought this dirty industry onto the doorsteps of the people of Trafford/the North



  • A Remain vote should give us, as a nation, more power in the EU, and the U.K. has the Presidency of the European Union in 2017 if we #Bremain
  • The positive case for #Bremain includes 5 points for Britains’ EU Presidency in 2017 (including 500,000 UK jobs, energy & environment, workers’ rights & Tax Haven crackdown)
  • European civil society working in conjunction with committed politicians together for a 100% renewable energy Europe in 2050



As Bucks Fizz said in the 1981 Eurovision winner “There comes a time for making your mind up”

The campaign is now basically at the stage where Remain and Brexit are two ships moored in Salford Docks and, if you want to travel, you have to make a choice on the ship you want to travel on

On the Captains’ Table on the Good Ship Remain, Captain Corbyn, First Mate McDonnell, Tom Watson, the Eagles, Caroline Lucas, Lisa Nandy, Natalie, Nicola & Leanne, with Dave n’ George, covered in grease, in the “powerhouse” engine room

The Brexit Ship seems to be a more hotchpotch situation, a loose affiliation of Daily Mail, BoJo, Murdoch, Nuttall, Gove, Grayling, Galloway & Trade Union & Socialist Coalition (TUSC) with Nigel Farage on the Telegraph



Remain seems to be the Keep It Safe option and in 2016 keeping safe has its’ merits, just ask Professor Steven Hawking

All roads and paths point to Manchester, where the European Union result is being announced on 24th June 2016


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