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James Walsh (@MancunianBirder) reports on The Big Launch

On Saturday 23rd July 2016, the true Labour Party launched the #JeremyForLeader campaign with 10 Launch Events around the UK, Jeremy making the tactical choice to speak at Salfords’ docklands, a site steeped in labour movement heritage as it was the domain of the Salford dockers, and often a hotspot of political activity, debates, working class solidarity & strikes, during the 20th century

This was Salford Docklands’ biggest political gathering since the pro-Palestine rally, when 8000 people protested the BBCs’ coverage of Israels’ invasion of Palestine, in summer 2014, a rally that the BBC failed to report on even though it was literally on their own doorstep!

The Lowry Theatre was a classy choice of venue, just yards from the BBCs’ media bubble village known as MediaCity on Salford Quays, a good place to highlight the growing inequality we are seeing in the North, and the country as a whole

The queue for this event stretched into the adjacent shopping centre (to the bemusement of some of the Saturday afternoon shoppers) and, as per usual with Jez events, more people attempted to get in without tickets, and the stalls were brimming with newspaper sales, petition signing & talkin’ bout a (r)evolution

Up to 2000 people jammed into the venue to see the launch of the People Powered Politics campaign that should double as a building block for JC’s bid for Prime Minister #JC4PM

This was a sensible, rational show of the countrys’ favourite soap opera, the Labour Party, stadium politics in a relaxed, smart casual, positive atmosphere, with the same political euphoria that many experienced during the original #JezWeCan Summer Of Love 2015

Jeremy Corbyn, a man of peace, has become a national obsession, whether you are a Corbynista, a Green, a Lib Dem, a Blairite, a Tory, a UKIPer or just a casual peruser of the national media, chances are you are talking about Jeremy Corbyn!

The event started with a geography lesson regarding Salford & Manchester, to clarify Salford & Manchester are 2 cities that share a border, the River Irwell

The city of Salford has a motto that says the Welfare of the People Is The Highest Law, a very fitting phrase that summed up the solidarity in the crowd and on-stage


It just so happened that the Science In The City Festival was happening in the neighbouring Manchester, European City Of Science, and this event felt like a celebration of positive political science and a winning formula

Some impressive statistics were announced, the social media savvy Corbynistas have achieved JC4PM a 40 million people reach on Facebook and at various times during the event we went live to Labour Party staff at phone-banks around the UK in places such as Glasgow, London, Cardiff, Nottingham, Leeds & Bristol

The Trident vote wasn’t mentioned, a huge miscarriage of justice that needs to be overturned, nor was the intolerable fracking industry (#BanFrackingNow) and there were just general references to the environment with no mention of the floods that affected Salford & Manchester people around the turn of the year

The Iraq War apology brought a huge round of applause & in truth the Labour Party has more to apologise for (eg Labour councils’ relentless passing of Tory cuts, the events of Barton Moss fracking site where one of Labours’ candidates for Greater Manchester Mayor, Tony Lloyd, as PCC oversaw the police brutalisation of peaceful protesters, including Salford people/Labour voters and Manchester Councils’ treatment of homeless people) but for now the job of the Labour Party is to bring about a Socialist Labour Government

The event speakers were a decent selection of up & coming politicians, Labour NEC candidate Claudia Webbe, an Oldham politician, Northern Futures author Sam Wheeler, Richard Burgon (Justice) & Rebecca Long-Bailey

Rebecca is a Salford lass born in 1979, the year Margaret Thatcher was elected Prime Minister, and, like myself, has only known a UK based upon Thatcherism

Rebecca chose the occasion to declare Salford the capital city of the North (a somewhat cheeky and big claim, but one that does stand up if you know your politics) and that we need a Socialist Labour Party representative of the people, that politics should be a selfless profession and that JC is the leader that this nation deserves as the Prime Minister of a Socialist Labour Government


“Introducing the current Labour leader, the future Labour leader, and the next Prime Minister, Jeremy Corbyn”

It was clear from the huge applause, cheering & shouts of “Jeremy! Jeremy!” & “Jeremy We Love You!” that Corbynmania has reached epic levels

Jeremy said “I am proud to have been elected leader of the Labour Party” and “Thank you to all the people campaigning for social justice & environmental justice”

References to Salford were welcomed from the home crowd “We can learn from the past, and embrace culture, especially the rich tapestry of working class culture”, “Why do we have levels of health inequality ? It is an issue we have to address” and “We can make comparisons between the conditions illustrated in Walter Greenwoods’ Love On The Dole, and todays’ payday loan sharks”

Political opponents were swept aside with the announcement of more Labour Party electoral success, such as Labours’ Penny Newman taking a Council seat from UKIP in Nigel Farages’ occasional booze supping location of Thanet, and Jeremy had just two messages for the Conservatives 1/ You cannot cut your way to prosperity and 2/ Philip Hammond “Keep your hands off PIP!”

Themes of the speech included

– Labour believes in the empowerment of people
– We need a radical redistribution of power, wealth & resources
– The strength of community & Keeping Communities Together
– Why do we tolerate homelessness ?
– The hypocrisy of tax dodgers
– The power of opinion & the power of mobilisation
– No coups, no intimidation, no abuse
– The strength of social media
– Labour has changed the terms of the debate on the economy
– The National Health Service is under threat from privatisation
– We need to monitor the environmental effects of the budget
– The Labour Party is just a part of a social movement
– We are all leaders & messengers
– Unity is power! Bring people together for Social Justice!
– Sustainability arguments need to be CENTRAL to politics
– We all benefit from an increase in skills and real job security
– It is a moral imperative to bring real humanity into politics
– Change comes from the people
– Hard work = Electoral success
– Nye Bevan was greatly acknowledged, as was the Labour Party Constitution

This was Jeremy Corbyn, 10 months into the Labour leadership, taking the opportunity presented to give his Prime Ministerial vision, setting out a vision of a people power society where no community is left behind and no-one is left behind, whilst identifying the five great ills of society that need to be tackled along the way to achieving the people power society

People Powered Politics, a very apt title to bring people together, is most appropriate as the Labour Party with Jeremy Corbyn as leader now has a bigger membership than all other UK political parties put together, plus 3 million affiliated Trade Unionists

Whereas the 1997 election of Tony Blair proved to be a false dawn and a false Labour, perhaps Jeremy Corbyn can bring us a true new dawn & a True Labour – the birth of a fresh, new society in the UK that can be a force for peace, love, unity, respect, radical change, green jobs based on urgent climate change action & the country’s real national interest in the 21st century