Letter to Northumberland Tourism


Dear Jude,

I am writing to you regarding the EFRA Commons Select Committee meeting scheduled for Wednesday 16th November 2016

I write to you with this experience – EcoTourism & Tourism qualifications at TAFE College in Cairns, Tropical North Australia & a University of Salford Ecology degree

I am very fond of Northumberland & have had many happy times wildlife spotting at places such as Holy Island, the Farne Islands, Druridge Bay Country Park, Grindon Lough & Whittle Dene Reservoir

I, with several colleagues, am currently setting up several organisations to promote a clean, green North, including “NEET – North England EcoTourism”,  “The Northern Greenhouse” & “Manchester Ship Canal World Heritage Group”

I believe that the unconventional gas industries & mining industries planned for the North-East, such as fracking, UCG, CBM, Druridge Bay mining & the Yorkshire Pot-Ash mine are completely the wrong direction we should be heading in! We should not be making it badder, we should be making it better!

As a scientist I research climate change & my research, along with many other scientists, suggests that we have to leave fossil fuels in the ground & transfer to renewable energy as quick as possible

I believe that the North of England should not be wasting time on dirty old industries when we should focus on bringing in investment for Renewable Energy, perhaps looking at big money projects such as Breakthrough Energy & the Apollo Project

We can take inspiration from the One Million Climate Jobs campaign, the Zero Carbon Britain Report, Eden Project & Green Britain Centre

If we can get the formula correct, we can create a clean, green & prosperous North & fight climate change all at the same time

Yours faithfully

Mr James Walsh

Twitter: @MancunianBirder






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