NEET Letter To Welcome Yorkshire


Dear Mr Verity,

I am writing to you regarding the EFRA Commons Select Committee meeting, scheduled for Wednesday 16th November 2016

I have EcoTourism & Tourism qualifications & an Ecology degree

I have had many amazing Yorkshire holidays that include family holidays to the Yorkshire Dales, the North York moors & coast

As a birdwatcher I have spent many good times at the nature reserves around south Yorkshire, Humber Estuary & Yorkshire coast

I find it very depressing & worrying that some of the places that I love are being touted as possible fracking sites – I have researched the fracking industry for more than 3 years & that includes up close & personal as we had test drilling on Barton Moss near Salford in Greater Manchester, I have also researched Crawberry Hill & the Kirby Misperton site ā€“ I cannot believe that the frackers are attempting to frack near to FlamingoLand!!

I urge you to read up on the One Million Climate Jobs campaign, the Zero Carbon Britain campaign & also the most recent events at COP22 / Paris Agreement

Here in the North of England we have a huge opportunity to be a world leader in Renewable Energy ā€“ we have the workforce, we have the scientists, we have the industrial background & experience

We also have the scenery, the wildlife & the nature reserves to be a world leader in EcoTourism

Fracking is completely the wrong direction to be heading in the UK, especially when you consider the possible effects global warming & sea-level rise could do to the Yorkshire coast, & the negative effects that the pollution could have on the Tourism & Agriculture industry, also I believe the Yorkshire Pot-Ash mine should be scrapped!

I urge you in the meeting to represent the thousands of Yorkshire people who are working very hard campaigning against the dirty fracking industry to safeguard land & water, & the jobs of the future

The anti-fracking community has always campaigned not just AGAINST fracking but in a very pragmatic & positive way FOR the alternative, the clean, green jobs of the future, climate jobs that can be created in Yorkshire with a clear vision & sensible investment

Yours faithfully

Mr James Walsh

Twitter: @MancunianBirder



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