The Birds Of Salford Docklands Book Now Online



As the BBC airs David Attenboroughs’ “Planet Earth 2”, Manchester ecologist James Walsh aka The Mancunian Birder tells the story of the wildlife on the doorstep of the BBCs’ Media City in brand new book “The Birds Of Salford Docklands”

Sunday 6th November 2016 sees the first Television airing of David Attenboroughs’ phenomenal “Planet Earth 2”, the follow-up to the spectacular “Planet Earth”

Also on Sunday 6th November 2016 the Manchester Ship Canal World Heritage Group launched “The Birds of Salford Docklands”, a big compilation of thirty five years of ecological observations on the post-industrial docklands and the follow-up to the recently launched “Fruitful Futures: Imagining Pomona” book

James, the author, explains “As a child I was brought up with the Salford dockers, so I feel blessed that I am able to tell the story of Salford Docks from an ecologists’ perspective, this book takes a prolonged, intimate, careful look at a special urban area”

“Three generations of my family worked on Salford Docks, and now I have spent 10 years watching, recording, photographing and filming the wildlife of this area, including time as an ecology student and a professional ecologist with the Greater Manchester Ecology Unit, therefore I’m in a pretty unique position to tell the alternative story of the Salford Docklands”

“Ever since Salford Docks closed for business during the early 1980’s the docklands have become a Peoples’ Nature Reserve and I think people should be amazed at the amount of birds seen here”

“The book also highlights the international nature of Salford docks & wildlife – where once it was ships sailing into Salford docks from all over the world, now it is birds that are the global connection with birds flying into the site from all points north, south, east & west”

“In a way this book is about highlighting some unsung heroes, the Salford dockers were the unsung heroes of the industrial revolution, & the citizen scientists, the local patch ecologists of today are also unsung heroes, they monitor wildlife populations & campaign for the conservation of local sites, often volunteering to do so because they have a love & a passion for a site and its’ wildlife”

“In total 131 bird species have been recorded on the site, and in the book I suggest that this could just be the start of something special, the Manchester Ship Canal World Heritage Group have already started to do Birdwatching Cruises and environmental walks around the site, we have an official Big Five species to promote the site and Salford Docklands could become an official nature reserve”

The interest in the wildlife and environment of this site is peaking since the recent release of “Fruitful Futures: Imagining Pomona” and “The Birds of Salford Docklands” takes the ambition and creativity of that book to the next level

“We are now in the era of the Paris Agreement and we have to look at how we can utilise green assets on our own doorstep in the most positive way both for the economy and the environment, this book is a big step on that journey”


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