New Books Celebrate Salford Docklands


“The Birds Of Salford Docklands” price £4:99

Available online @ Amazon Kindle



“Fruitful Futures: Imagining Pomona” price £15:00

Available online @ Cornerhouse Publications



Two new books available online celebrate Salford Docklands – the heritage of the past, wildlife and habitats here in the present and what could be in the future with ambition and foresight

Both books are the result of years of hard work from a community of ecologists, journalists, campaigners, students and academics who appreciate the heritage and ecological value of the docklands area, once known as Salford Docks and now known as Salford Quays

Author of the “The Birds Of Salford Docklands”, James Walsh says “It is a big pleasure to be involved in the writing of both of these books that document a professional approach to this unique, urban, inland docklands”

“With “The Birds Of Salford Docklands” I have taken the approach of a Bird Report where all the birds that have been recorded on the site are listed in scientific order with scientific names and a summary of each species’ status”

Three generations of James’ family were Salford dockers and James sees parallels with the dockers and the Salford Docklands community that has formed today “The Salford dockers took pride in their work and a similar pride and attention to detail can be found in the style of these books – respect to the Pomona crew”

“The Birds Of Salford Docklands” takes a scientific approach whereas “Fruitful Futures: Imagining Pomona” takes a more artistic view and focuses on Pomona Docks, the flora & the potential of the site to be an Eden Project North

“If you read both books you should get a really good flavour of the alternative view of Salford Docklands – the internationally important heritage, the huge amount of flora, birds, bees and butterflies that are present in this urban jungle and some superb thoughts and plans on what could happen here in the future if the scientific, business, political and local community work together”



That’s Manchester coverage of “Fruitful Futures” Book Launch, thanks to @alecherron

Salford Star Article: The Birds of Salford Docklands Launch


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