Birders flock to The Fylde in Lancashire


Photo: The Fylde Future marketing campaign suggests EcoTourism as a new growth industry for the area, along with Renewable Energy and Sustainable Agriculture

Birdwatchers are currently flocking to The Fylde in Lancashire to see a very rare bird, a Desert Wheatear, that can be found on the beach between Lytham & Blackpool & still present this morning, Sunday 20th November 2016

As the name suggests, the Desert Wheatears’ natural range is deserts, North Africa, the Middle-East & Asia

In recent years the Desert Wheatear has become a regular late autumn vagrant in the UK, with some famous previous Lancashire birds – one on Crosby beach on Merseyside in 2008, one in traditional Lancashire, Salford, on Irlam Moss – a spring male in March 2007, a male in Blackpool, November 1994 that drew a large crowd to a Tesco’s cark park!, and a very popular female bird in Fleetwood on the Rossall Point Golf Course in November 1991

The current bird is a smart looking male, and was apparently found on an RSPB trip on Fairhaven Beach on Saturday 19th November

Also in the area, 3 Greater Scaup on Fairhaven Lake, 2 Great White Egrets on Lytham Quay, Bittern at Marton Mere, 4 Purple Sandpipers on Blackpool North Beach, with big flocks of Pink-footed Geese dotted around The Fylde, including a flock of 2500 at Stalmine with 2 Barnacle Geese, and a big flock of Whooper Swans on Eagland Hill

The Fylde Bird Club provide a superb information service @

EcoTourism is an industry on the rise with Tourists worldwide looking for environmental experiences during holidays – The Fylde is perfectly situated to benefit from an increase in Northern England EcoTourism, with a big accommodation industry, scenic beaches, estuaries and farmland, the Solaris Centres, the Wyre Estuary Country Park, Marton Mere, occasional pelagic trips, a recognisable Renewable Energy symbol (the Lytham windmill!) & the Rossall Point Visitor Centre



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