Mandarin – Symbol of Manchester National Park City


A stunning advert for Manchester National Park City is the Mandarin Duck – it is a very colourful representation of a changing world & a strong ecological link between China & Manchester

During the 1990’s and the 21st century the Mandarin Duck has become a star bird on the birding scene in Greater Manchester – the Mandarin is now a big part of the local wildlife in the Manchester area with a recent increase in the population

The biggest numbers are present around the south-east of Greater Manchester – along the River Goyt, River Etherow, Mersey Valley & the River Tame, including Reddish Vale

Etherow Country Park is THE site to see Mandarin Duck, it is the Mandarin capital of Manchester, the habitat seems to be perfect for this species at Etherow Country Park

Mandarins need healthy freshwater systems such as rivers, streams & canals, & woodland to nest in tree-holes, therefore a thriving Mandarin population is a great advert for a healthy Mancunian ecosystem & these birds are a marketing persons’ dream

Mandarins can also be seen to the south and west of Manchester – in rural Wigan, Worthington Lakes, the stately manors of Dunham Park & Bramhall Park & along the Bridgewater Canal

A pair were present on Salford Docklands during Spring 2011, with perhaps the same pair present on the River Irwell adjacent to Manchester city centre

The estimated 2500 breeding UK pairs would seem to be bigger than the Russian & Chinese populations put together, therefore, the UK population seems to be significant in terms of the global conservation of this species



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