Woolston Community Protection Camp


Woolston Community Protection Camp started in Spring 2015 as a protest against Peel Holdings & the extreme energy industry who plan to start Coal Bed Methane mining just yards from one of the Norths’ biggest nature reserves – Woolston Eyes

The Camp has grown organically into a community & the protectors on-site have increased community awareness of the extreme energy industry with a number of community awareness days, Festivals & Solidarity Sundays

Protectors brave all sorts of weather conditions to keep the camp happening and the Community Protection Camp organisers welcome donations, so if you want to help with the anti-fracking movement, please visit the camp & donate food & useful items during the winter months, when the support is most needed!

The site is highly controversial with many question marks over the original Ecology Reports that were used for the permits, and huge community concern over the prospect of extreme enery mining happening in such close proximity to an internationally important nature reserve

The Woolston Community Protection Camp is a beautiful show of the people standing their ground against the dirty extreme energy industry & big business, and the presence of the camp is a very real and constant reminder that we still have a lot of work to do to get rid of the extreme energy industry, it is also an opportunity for people new to the growing anti-fracking movement to join in, get involved & see what we are fighting for!

Northern Quota: Woolston Anti-fracking Camp

The Woolston Community Protection Camp is situated yards from the Old River Mersey


Support Woolston Community Protection Camp


Bentley On Mersey – Where Fracking Ends In England ?


Woolston Protectors Are National Heroes


Frack Off! Woolston Community Protection Camp


Manchester Ship Canal World Heritage Group says “No More Destruction!”


Fracking still has NO SOCIAL LICENSE!!



Local media on Woolston Community Protection Camp

Solidarity Sunday @ Woolston Community Protection Camp, July 2015


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