Peoples’ Plan For The Future


On Thursday 1st December 2016 the Peoples’ Plan Greater Manchester hosted an Environment Conference in Manchester city centre to get a formula together for a more prosperous and greener future

The four themes of the Conference included Energy, Greenspace, Access To Nature & Land Usage including Food & Resources – Manchester is known for radical action & this Conference represents civil society action!

The peoples’ work is being sent to a team of academics, who are writing a report on the findings & this report represents the Greater Manchester Peoples’ Plan For The Environment

A big range of topics formed the big chat, with conservations ranging from a possible new Mancunian currency, to how urgent an Environmental Plan For Greater Manchester is, to the state of the Arctic sea-ice, to the Salford Mosslands, to Redlines Protests, to how can we influence the Paris Agreement ?

Priorities for Greater Manchester include


  • An urgent intervention regarding the GM Spatial Plan for referral to ecologists
  • The formulation of a Greater Manchester EcoTourism Plan
  • Planning for Manchester National Park City




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