Manc Yanks


American waterfowl are a rare, yet regular treat for Mancunian birdwatchers, with seventeen accepted records of eight different species – the three big records are the drake Canvasback at Pennington Flash Country Park, 11th-30th July 2002, drake Bufflehead Astley Moss, 11th April 2004 and the Pied-billed Grebe on Hollingworth Lake in November 2010

The commonest Greater Manchester Yankee ducks are the Green-winged Teal (5 records) and Ring-necked Duck (5 records), with Lesser Scaup (2 records),  American Wigeon and Blue-winged Teal both have one record each; the premier “Yankee” site in the county is Pennington Flash with the Wigan/Leigh area having the lions’ share of records

Also worthy of discussion is the North American Wood Duck and Cinnamon Teal, neither species are on the official British List – the Wood Duck occurrences need at least another article to provide a scientific picture & a drake Cinnamon Teal at Elton Reservoir arrived on a perfect day for a genuine trans-Atlantic vagrant in October 1991

Snow Geese are generally accepted as being wild if they over-fly the county with Pink-footed Geese, whilst Ross’s Goose & Cackling Goose have also been recorded

A long-staying “blinged-up” female Hooded Merganser on Etherow Country Park had a plastic zoo/aviculturalist-style ring, illustrating the baggage that generally arrives with rare wildfowl!

Any rare wildfowl that a birder finds should be photographed and notes taken regarding state of plumage and rings on legs, especially if the ring looks like it might be one from a genuine North American ringing programme



Pied-billed Grebe, Hollingworth Lake

Pied-billed Grebe on Hollingworth Lake

Canvasback at Pennington Flash

North American Wood Duck in Manchester







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