Green Party Win First Online Greater Manchester Mayoral Debate


The Green Party Mayoral candidate Deyika Nzeribe won the first real online major debate of the Greater Manchester Mayoral campaign with 78% of readers agreeing that we should NOT build on Greater Manchesters’ Greenbelt – a big issue that could be very important with voters during the Greater Manchester Mayoral Election Campaign in 2017

The article “Should Greater Manchester Build On The Greenbelt” was printed online on the Manchester Evening News website on 6th November 2016

Curiously, the Labour Party Mayoral candidate Andy Burnham did not provide the Labour response, instead Jonny Reynolds span some claptrap from the New Labour spinbook, this could be a big tactical mistake from Andy Burnham, who had been attempting to prove some environmental credentials through an inaugural speech at an anti-fracking event

The Green Party are light years ahead of the Labour Party regarding environmental policy in Greater Manchester – although Jeremy Corbyns’ environment manifesto promises a much more balanced UK ecosystem in the future, Labour share complicit responsibility for the presence of IGas at Barton Moss during the winter of 2013/14, whereas the Green Party were supportive of the anti-fracking protests on Barton Moss from day one!


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